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3A222J114CL011 electronic component of KNSCHA

±5% 1kV 2.2nF -40℃~+85℃ PET Radial Leaded,P=5mm Film Capacitors ROHS

Manufacturer: KNSCHA
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The KNSCHA 3A222J114CL011 is a radial-leaded, P=5mm film capacitor rated for ±5% 1kV, with a capacitance of 2.2nF and temperature range of -40? to +85?. It is ROHS certified and is suitable for a variety of applications from high frequency signal to power switch noise. The radial-leaded package design provides greater powder handling, which is ideal for automated PCB assembly.

Tariff Desc

8532.25.00 Dielectric of paper or plastics Free

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