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Y5P102K1KV16CC0008 electronic component of KNSCHA

±10% 1nF SL 5mm 1kV Radial Leaded,P=5mm Ceramic Disc Capacitors ROHS

Manufacturer: KNSCHA
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Product Category
Ceramic Disc Capacitors
1 nF
± 10 %
Lead Spacing
Ceramic Disc Capacitors
Body Thickness
Temperature Coefficient
Voltage Rated
1 kV
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The Y5P102K1KV16CC0008 is a ceramic disc capacitor manufactured by KNSCHA. It features a ±10% tolerance, a capacitance of 1nF, a lead spacing of 5mm, a rated voltage of 1kV, and a physical size of 5mm. The capacitor is RoHS certified and leaded, meaning that the leads are connected to the capacitor. This product is used in applications that require high stability and accuracy such as industrial automation and power management.

Tariff Desc

8532.24.00 43 no --Ceramic dielectric, multilayer Free