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Silicon RF Capacitors Thin Film 25V 3.9pF .05pFTol ThinFilm 0201

Manufacturer: Kyocera AVX
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Kyocera AVX

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Kyocera AVX

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Kyocera AVX
Product Category
Silicon RF Capacitors / Thin Film
Accu - P Std
3.9 pF
0.05 Pf
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 55 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 125 C
0.6 mm
0.325 mm
0.225 mm
Cut Tape
Package / Case
0201 (0603 METRIC)
Thin Film Capacitors
Termination Style
Low Esr Thin Film Chip Capacitor
Kyocera AVX
Product Type
Silicon Rf Capacitors / Thin Film
Factory Pack Quantity :
Accu - P
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Thin-Film RF/Microwave Capacitor Technology Accu-P Series Thin-Film Technology THE IDEAL CAPACITOR THIN-FILM TECHNOLOGY The non-ideal characteristics of a real capacitor can be ignored at low Thin-film technology is commonly used in producing semiconductor devices. frequencies. Physical size imparts inductance to the capacitor and In the last two decades, this technology has developed tremendously, both dielectric and metal electrodes result in resistive losses, but these often in performance and in process control. Todays techniques enable line are of negligible effect on the circuit. At the very high frequencies of radio definitions of below 1m, and the controlling of thickness of layers at 100 communication (>100MHz) and satellite systems (>1GHz), these effects (10-2m). Applying this technology to the manufacture of capacitors has become important. Recognizing that a real capacitor will exhibit inductive enabled the development of components where both electrical and physical and resistive impedances in addition to capacitance, the ideal capacitor for properties can be tightly controlled. these high frequencies is an ultra low loss component which can be fully The thin-film production facilities at AVX consist of: characterized in all parameters with total repeatability from unit to unit. Class 1000 clean rooms, with working areas under laminar-flow hoods Until recently, most high frequency/microwave capacitors were based on of class 100, (below 100 particles per cubic foot larger than 0.5m). fired-ceramic (porcelain) technology. Layers of ceramic dielectric material High vacuum metal deposition systems for high-purity and metal alloy electrode paste are interleaved and then sintered in a electrode construction. high temperature oven. This technology exhibits component variability in Photolithography equipment for line definition down to 2.0m dielectric quality (losses, dielectric constant and insulation resistance), accuracy. variability in electrode conductivity and variability in physical size (affecting Plasma-enhanced CVD for various dielectric depositions inductance). An alternate thin-film technology has been developed which (CVD=Chemical Vapor Deposition). virtually eliminates these variances. It is this technology which has been fully High accuracy, microprocessor-controlled dicing saws for incorporated into Accu-P and Accu-P to provide high frequency capacitors chip separation. exhibiting truly ideal characteristics. High speed, high accuracy sorting to ensure strict tolerance adherence. The main features of Accu-P may be summarized as follows: High purity of electrodes for very low and repeatable ESR. Highly pure, low-K dielectric for high breakdown field, high insulation resistance and low losses to frequencies above 40GHz. Very tight dimensional control for uniform inductance, unit to unit. Very tight capacitance tolerances for high frequency signal applications. This accuracy sets apart these Thin-Film capacitors from ceramic capacitors so that the term Accu has been employed as the designation for this series of devices, an abbreviation for accurate. Orientation Marking Alumina (Al O ) 2 3 Electrode Seal (SiNO) Dielectric (SiO / SiNO) 2 Electrode Alumina (Al O ) 2 3 Terminations ACCU-P CAPACITOR STRUCTURE The Important Information/Disclaimer is incorporated in the catalog where these specifications came from or available online at by reference and should be reviewed in full before placing any order. 2 012419Thin-Film RF/Microwave Capacitor Technology Accu-P Series Thin-Film Technology ACCU-P TECHNOLOGY APPLICATIONS The use of very low-loss dielectric materials, silicon dioxide and silicon Cellular Communications Military oxynitride, in conjunction with highly conductive electrode metals results CT2/PCN (Cordless Communications in low ESR and high Q. These high-frequency characteristics change Telephone/Personal Comm. Radar Systems at a slower rate with increasing frequency than for ceramic microwave Networks) Video Switching capacitors. Satellite TV Test & Measurements Cable TV Filters Because of the thin-film technology, the above-mentioned frequency GPS (Global Positioning VCOs characteristics are obtained without significant compromise of properties Systems) Matching Networks required for surface mounting. Vehicle Location Systems RF Amplifiers The main Accu-P properties are: Vehicle Alarm Systems Internationally agreed sizes with excellent dimensional control. Paging Ultra small size chip capacitors (1005) are available. APPROVALS Ultra tight capacitance tolerances. ISO 9001 Low ESR at VHF, UHF and microwave frequencies. IATF 16949:2016 Enhanced RF power handling capablity. High stability with respect to time, temperature, frequency and voltage variation. Nickel/solder-coated terminations to provide excellent solderability and leach resistance. ACCU-P FEATURES Accu-P meets the fast-growing demand for low-loss (high-Q) capacitors for use in surface mount technology especially for the mobile communications market, such as cellular radio of 450 and 900 MHz, UHF walkie-talkies, UHF cordless telephones to 2.3 GHz, low noise blocks at 11-12.5 GHz and for other VHF, UHF and microwave applications. Accu-P is currently unique in its ability to offer very low capacitance values (0.05pF) and very tight capacitance tolerances (0.01pF). The RF power handling capability of the Accu-P allows for its usage in both small signal and RF power applications. Thin Film Technology guarantees minimal batch to batch variability of parameters at high frequency. Inspection test and quality control procedures in accordance with ISO 9001, CECC, IECQ and USA MIL Standards yield products of the highest quality. Hand soldering Accu-P : Due to their construction utilizing relatively high thermal conductivity materials, Accu-Ps have become the preferred device in R & D labs and production environments where hand soldering is used. The Important Information/Disclaimer is incorporated in the catalog where these specifications came from or available online at by reference and should be reviewed in full before placing any order. 3 012521

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