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Meter: insulation resistance; analogue; 5/200GΩ; 5kV
Manufacturer: Kyoritsu

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Product Category
Kind Of Display Used
Conform To The Norm
EN61010 600V CAT III, EN61010 300V CAT IV
Type Of Meter
insulation resistance
Standard Equipment
user\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\s manual, case, test lead, ground cord, cover, probe tip
Weight With Battery
1.7 kg
Test Voltage
5 kV
Body Dimensions
Insulation Resistance Measuring Ranges
5/200G Ohms
Power Supply
b A ttery LR14 1 , 5 V x8
Battery/ Rechargeable Battery
battery LR14 1 , 5V x8
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Analogue High Voltage Insulation Testers KEW 3121B / 3122B RobRobust & Ergust & Ergonomic Desigonomic Design n Analogue Display for judg Analogue Display for judging tests quickly ing tests quickly KEW 3122B 200G 5000V KEW 3121B 100G 2500V Extremely easy and simple operation Automatic ranges, indicated by individual LEDs Newly-designed alligator clip It comes with a tough hard case Safety Standard IEC 61010-1 CAT 300V / CAT 600V Made in JapanKEW 3121B / KEW 3122B Specications Accessories 3121B 3122B DC test voltage 2500V 5000V 2G/100G 5G/200G Measuring ranges (Auto-ranging) (Auto-ranging) 0.1 - 50G : 5% rdg 0.2 - 100G : 5% rdg Accuracy 0 - 0.1G, 50G - : 0 - 0.2G, 100G - : 10% rdg or 0.5% of scale length 10% rdg or 0.5% of scale length IEC 61010-1, 61010-2-030 CAT 300V / CAT 600V, Pollution degree2 Applicable standards IEC 61010-031, IEC 61326-1, 2-2 Power source DC12V : LR14/R14 x 8pcs EVERYTHING YOU NEED 177(L)226(W) 100(D) mm Dimensions Hard case 380(L)430(W) 154(D) mm Weight (including batteries) 1.6kg approx. 1.7kg approx. 7165A(Line probe:3m), 7264 (Earth cord:3m) 7265 (Guard cord:3m), 8019 (Hook type prod) 8019 Accessories 7265 7165A LR14 (Alkaline battery size C)8, Instruction manual 9182 (Hard case) 9183 (Hard case) 7168A (Line probe with alligator clip:3m) Optional 7253 (Longer line probe with alligator clip:15m) 8324 (Adaptor for recorder) 7264 New alligator clip Optional Stable holding for Large bolt head 7168A 7253 8324 Line probe with Longer line probe with Adapter for recorder alligator clip (3m) alligator clip (15m) Output 10mV/1A Selection Guide ANALOGUE DIGITAL 3121B 3122B 3025A 3125A 250V/500V/1000V 250V/500V/1000V Test Voltage 2500V 5000V 2500V 2500V/5000V Max measurement 100G 200G 100G 1T PI/DAR Backlight CAT 300V Measurement categories CAT 600V Dimensions (mm) (L)x (W)x(D) 177226100 (Hard case 380x430x154) Please read theSafety Warning in the instruction manual supplied with the instrument thoroughly and completely for correct use. Failure to follow the safety rules can cause re, trouble, electrical shock, etc. Therefore, make sure Safety Warnings : to operate the instrument on a correct power supply and voltage rating marked on each instrument. For inquires or orders : 2-5-20, Nakane, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-0031 Japan Phone:+81-3-3723-0131 Fax:+81-3-3723-0152 E-mail:info-eng The contents of this leaet are subject to change without notice. KEW 3121B/3122B-1E Mar. 15 SS MAX 27mm