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Tester: non-contact voltage detector; 20÷1000VAC; 50/60Hz; 153mm
Manufacturer: Kyoritsu

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Product Category
Battery Testers
Battery Testers
40 g
Conform To The Norm
EN61010 1000V CAT III, EN61010 600V CAT IV
Type Of Tester
non - contact voltage detector
Measuring Instrument Features
acoustic and optical alarm
153 mm
Operating Temperature
- 10 To 50 C
Additional Functions
white LED torch
Frequency Range Of Detectable Voltage
Detected Voltage Range
20 To 1000 VAC
Power Supply
b A ttery A A A 1 , 5 V x2
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VOLTAGE DETECTOR VOLT STICK KEW 5711 Non-Contact Voltage Detector with LED Light Actual Size Voltage detection: Tip glows red and buzzer sounds when voltage is detected. The simplest way to know if voltage is present Beep sound and red LED indicate AC voltage presence Bright white LED light integrated into the tip Auto check function for battery and internal circuit Dual sensitivity KEW 5711 Specications Designed to meet IEC61010-1 AC 90-1000 V (Lo sensitivity) Operating voltage AC 20-1000 V (Hi sensitivity) The unit is designed to CAT 600V and CAT 1000V and can be used in various locations safely. Frequency range 50/60Hz Operating temp. range -10 to 50C Storage temp. range -20 to 60C IEC 61010-1 CAT 600V /CAT 1000V Safety Standard Pollution degree 2 Interior wiring O: Device which is Incoming wire not directly Power source R03/LR03 (AAA) (1.5V) x 2 connected to the main power supply Low battery warning Glow tip quickly ashes in red ve times. Socket Dimension 153(L) x 20mm Weight Approx. 40g including batteries Accessories LR03(AAA) x 2, Instruction manual Dual sensitivity Powerful flashlight Low(Lo) sensitivity helps to recognise the Phase from Neutral in sockets. High(Hi) sensitivity for checking the presence of voltage from a further distance. Ready to use without power-on KEW 5711 is always ON = ready to use. This is a big safe- Short press: LED Light ON/ OFF Detector tip ty advantage because you do not have to remember to Long press: Switches sensitivity switch it ON and it always indicates the dangerous pres- ence of voltage. Always ON does not affect the battery duration because it uses a special low power circuit. Battery life > 1 year (standby) . *Always check the unit on a known live source before use. Self-Function test KEW 5711 performs self-function test when button is pressed. When abnormality is found at the test, it gives 3 short beeps, 3 long beeps, 3 short beeps (Morse code for SOS) the abnor- mality may be either temporary or permanent. High(Hi) sensitivity may be useful for locating wires behind walls. Please read theSafety Warning in the instruction manual supplied with the instrument thoroughly and completely for correct use. Failure to follow the safety rules can cause re, trouble, electrical shock, etc. Therefore, make sure Safety Warnings : to operate the instrument on a correct power supply and voltage rating marked on each instrument. For inquires or orders : 2-5-20, Nakane, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-0031 Japan Phone:+81-3-3723-0131 Fax:+81-3-3723-0152 E-mail:info-eng The contents of this leaet are subject to change without notice. KEW 5711-1E June 17 AD