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Capacitor: polypropylene; 1000nF; ±10%; High Voltage circuits

Manufacturer: Leclanche
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Product Category
Capacitor Type
1000 nF
Capacitor Application
High Voltage Circuits, Voltage Dividers And Multipliers
Body Dimensions
Ø23 X 48Mm
Pulse Resistance
Max Operating Voltage
500 VAC , 2000 VDC
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The PPMHT200-1.0DK is a cell balancing and protection module manufactured by Leclanche that provides comprehensive management of lithium-ion battery packs. It is designed to be used in applications such as hybrid/electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and stationary energy storage. The module uses an integrated single-chip microcontroller to monitor the pack’s cell voltages and temperatures, communicate with the system host, enter/exit the forced equalize mode, and provide over-temperature and over-current protection. The module also provides open-wire and current sense protection, as well as thermal monitoring and plateau control. The PPMHT200-1.0DK can be configured to balance and protect 2 up to 72 single-cell packs.