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LSP10240LLS electronic component of Littelfuse

LED Protection Devices 240V 10kA IP66 Series

Manufacturer: Littelfuse
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Surge Protection Module LED Lighting Surge Protection Module > LSP10 RoHS LSP10 Module Series Description The Littelfuse LSP10 thermally protected Surge Protective Device is a self-protected device which is specially designed to be used in outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures for transient overvoltage protection. It is constructed with Littelfuse thermally protected varistor technology. Its built-in thermal disconnect function provides additional protection to prevent catastrophic failure and fire hazard even under the extreme circumstances of varistor end-of-life or sustaining over voltage conditions. LSP10 series connected option allows clear indication of thermal fault protection by discon- necting power to luminaire thereby signally SPD module replacement. The LSP10 SPD facilitates customers product compliance to IEEE C62.41.2 Location Category C High and US Dept of Energy MSSLC Model Spec. Agency Approvals Features Agency Standard Agency File Number 20kA Maximum IP66 rated, dust-tight UL1449 E320116 Discharge Current and water resistant (Imax)m 8/20us IEC61643-11 Class Meets ANSI C82.77-5- II/ EN61643-11 Type 1 2015: Location C High 2 Compliant Applications Meets ANSI C136.2- 240Vac and 277Vac parts 2015: Extreme Level are available for Class I Outdoor and Commercial Wash wall lighting and Class II installation Meets IEEE C62.41.2: LED Lighting Parking garage/lot lighting based on IEC luminaire Location Category C High Roadway lighting Flood lighting protection classes. Meets US Dept. Traffic lighting Please see details in Part Tunnel lighting of Energy MSSLC Numbering System. Digital signage Model Spec. Street lighting CE Mark - Meets the Parallel or Series requirements of Low connected options Voltage and RoHS Additional Information Thermally protected European Directives. Notes: 1. Self-declared compliance. Datasheet Resources Samples Absolute Maximum Ratings For ratings of individual members of a series, see Device Ratings and Specifications chart LSP10 Series Units Continous AC Voltage Range (V ) 150 to 510 V M(AC)RMS Continuous Current* 5 A Transient Maximum Discharge Current 8/20s Waveform (Imax) 20,000 A Nominal Discharge Current 8/20s Waveform (I ) 10,000 A n Operating Ambient Temperature Range (T ) -45 to +85 C A Storage Temperature Range (T ) -45 to +110 C STG Isolation Voltage Capability (When the thermal disconnect opens) 600 V Insulation Resistance >1,000 M Note: * = Max. continuous current for series connection. CAUTION: Stresses above those listed inAbsolute Maximum Rating may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress only rating and operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not implied. 2019 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 12/03/19Surge Protection Module LED Lighting Surge Protection Module > LSP10 LSP10 Series Device Ratings & Specifications Maximum Nominal Safety Compliance Operating MCOV/Uc Discharge Discharge MLV Up 8 Part Number Voltage 6 4 5 (VAC) Current Current (V) (V) 7 (VAC) IEC/EN 61643-11 UL1449 3 2 (Imax)(A) (In)(A) L-N:740 LSP10120* 120 150 20,000 10,000 L-G:740 900 - X N-G:670 L-N:1130 LSP10240* 240 275 20,000 10,000 L-G:1130 1200 X X N-G:1060 L-N:1330 LSP10277* 277 320 20,000 10,000 L-G:1330 1400 X X N-G:1260 L-N:1750 LSP10347* 347 420 20,000 10,000 L-G:1750 1900 - X N-G:1680 L-N:2020 LSP10480* 480 510 20,000 10,000 L-G:2020 2100 - X N-G:1960 L-L:240 L-L:275 L-L:1130 L-L:1200 - X LSP10240LL* 20,000 10,000 L-N/G:120 L-N/G:150 L-N/G:740 L-N/G:900 - X L-L:480 L-L:510 L-L:2020 L-L:2100 - X LSP10480LLP 20,000 10,000 L-N/G:277 L-N/G:320 L-N/G:1330 L-N/G:1400 - X L-L:480 L-L:510 L-L:2030 L-L:2100 - X LSP10480LLS 20,000 10,000 L-N/G:277 L-N/G:320 L-N/G:1480 L-N/G:1400 - X Notes: 1. 5A max. continuous current for series connection. 2. Nominal Discharge Current (In)(A): The nominal discharge current is a measure of the SPDs endurance capability 15 impulses of discharge current uses the 8/20us current waveform. 3. Maximum Discharge Current (Imax)(A): The maximum discharge current is a measure of the SPDs maximum capability single impulse of discharge current uses the 8/20us current waveform. All Devices pass maximum discharge current with possible, safe opening of thermal disconnect. 4. MLV UL1449 Measured limiting voltage the highest value of residual voltage measurements during the application of impulses of 8/20us nominal discharge current (In) an average voltage value of 15 impulses. 5. Up IEC 61643-11 Voltage protection level the highest value of residual voltage measurements during the application of impulses of 8/20us nominal discharge current (In) a rounding voltage value of maximum measurement. 6. MCOV/UC: Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage - maximum r.m.s. voltage that could be continuously applied to the SPD. 7. The series modules can be used in parallel connections for the indication circuit connection. 8. * = - P or PM 9. Repetitive Surge Withstanding: 15 strikes at 10,000A (8/20us) with steady MLV/Up. 10. LSP10480* passed Operational Voltage Test (552Vac, 30 minutes) based on UL 1449 4th edition clause 43. Figure 1. Repetitive Surge Capability for LSP10 Pulse Rating (8x20Sec) 100000 Strikes Surge Number of Pulses 1 1 20,000A 2 10000 15 2 15,000A 2 10 3 15 10,000A 10 1000 4 10 100 3,000A 5 10 6 10 1,000 1,600A 100 10,000 650A 100,000 400A 10 1,000,000 240A 1 10120 00 1000 10000 Impulse Duration (secs) 2019 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 12/03/19 Surge Current (A)

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8541.40.00 54 No .Light emitting diodes (LED), LED displays, optocouplers, photosensitive transistors and diodes, infra-red and fibre optic emitters and detectors Free

8541.10.00 15 No - Diodes, other than photosensitive or light emitting diodes Free

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