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RHEF1000-2 electronic component of Littelfuse

Resettable Fuses - PPTC RHEF1000-2

Manufacturer: Littelfuse
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4850 - Global Stock

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MOQ : 1000
Multiples : 1000

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Product Category
Resettable Fuses - PPTC
Hold Current
10 A
Trip Current
18.5 A
Current Rating - Max
100 A
Maximum Voltage
16 VDC
15 mOhms
Mounting Style
Through Hole
Termination Style
Operating Temperature Range
- 40 C to + 125 C
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 125 C
17.5 Mm L X 26.5 Mm H
Polyswitch Resettable Fuses
Factory Pack Quantity :
26.5 mm
17.5 mm
Hts Code
Pd - Power Dissipation
5.3 W
Product Type
Resettable Fuses - Pptc
Pptc Resettable Fuses
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POLYSWITCH RESETTABLE DEVICES Radial-Leaded Devices Littelfuses PolySwitch radial-leaded products represent the most comprehensive and complete set of PPTC products available in the industry today. RGEF series for hold currents up to 14A RHEF series for flatter thermal derating and operating temperatures up to 125C RUEF series for balance of voltage rating (30V) and hold current (up to 9A) RUSBF series for fast time-to-trip and low-resistance computer applications RXEF series for low hold currents (down to 50mA) and high voltage rating (up to 72V) RKEF series for balance of voltage rating (60V) and hold current (up to 5A) Now offering halogen free versions of all products BENEFITS APPLICATIONS Many product choices help provide engineers more Satellite video receivers design flexibility Industrial controls Compatible with high-volume electronics assembly Transformers Assists in meeting regulatory requirements Modems Higher voltage ratings allow use in new applications CD-ROMs Game machines FEATURES Phones RoHS compliant Fax machines Halogen free Analog and digital line cards (refers to: Br 900ppm, Cl 900ppm, Br+Cl 1500ppm) Printers Broadest range of radial-leaded resettable devices Intelligent appliance available in the industry Robotic machine Current ratings from 50mA to 15A Power supply Voltage ratings from 6V (computer and electronic Security applications) to 72V Lighting Agency recognition : UL, CSA, TV, CQC** Medical application Fast time-to-trip Low resistance **CQC only applies to RXEF, RUEF family parts 154 RoHS Compliant, ELV Compliant HF Halogen Free Specifications subject to change without notice. 2018 Littelfuse, Inc. PolySwitch Resettable Devices Radial-Leaded Devices Application Selection Guide The guide below lists PolySwitch radial-leaded devices that are typically used in each of the applications described. Specifications for the suggested device part numbers can be found in this section. Once a part number has been selected, the user should evaluate and test each product for its intended application. PolySwitch Resettable Devices Key Selection Criteria Protection Application Small Size Flatter Derating Lower Current Higher Voltage Electromagnetic Loads RGEF (<16V), RUEF (<30V) RHEF (<16V) RXEF (<72V), RKEF (<60V) Halogen Lighting RGEF (<16V), RUEF (<30V) RHEF (<16V) RXEF (<72V), RKEF (<60V) Lighting Ballast RXEF (<72V) Loudspeakers RXEF (<72V) RXEF (<72V), RKEF (<60V) Medical Equipment RGEF (<16V), RUEF (<30V) RHEF (<16V) RXEF (<72V), RKEF (<60V) MOSFET Devices RGEF (<16V), RUEF (<30V) RHEF (<16V) RXEF (<72V), RKEF (<60V) Motors, Fans and Blowers RXEF (<72V), RGEF (<16V) RHEF (<16V) POS Equipment RXEF (<72V), RUEF (<30V) Process and Industrial Controls RXEF (<72V), RUEF (<30V) Satellite Video Receivers RGEF (<16V), RUEF (<30V) RHEF (<16V) RXEF (<72V), RKEF (<60V) Security and Fire Alarm Systems RGEF (<16V), RUEF (<30V) RHEF (<16V) RXEF (<72V), RKEF (<60V) Test and Measurement Equipment RGEF (<16V), RUEF (<30V) RHEF (<16V) RXEF (<72V), RKEF (<60V) Transformers RGEF (<16V), RUEF (<30V) RHEF (<16V) RXEF (<72V), RKEF (<60V) DDC Computer and Consumer Electronics RUEF (<30V) Mouse and Keyboard RUEF (<30V) SCSI RUEF (<30V) USB RUSBF (<16V) Traces and Printed Circuit Board Protection RGEF (<16V), RUEF (<30V) RHEF (<16V) RXEF (<72V), RKEF (<60V) Note : This list is not exhaustive. Littelfuse welcomes customer input for additional application ideas for PolySwitch resettable devices. Table R1 Product Series - Current Rating, Voltage Rating/Typical Resistance RXEF RKEF RXEF RUEF RGEF RHEF RHEF RUSBF RUSBF Voltage Rating 72V 60V 60V 30V 16V 16V 30V 16V 6V Hold Current (A) 0.050 9.20 0.100 3.50 0.170 4.30 0.200 2.290 0.250 1.600 0.300 1.110 0.400 0.710 0.500 0.640 0.425 0.68 0.550 0.650 0.400 0.350 0.700 0.42 0.750 0.325 0.295 0.140 0.900 0.255 0.255 0.095 0.100 1.000 0.24 1.100 0.200 0.225 0.075 0.075 1.200 0.080 1.350 0.155 0.165 0.060 0.060 1.550 0.058 1.600 0.115 0.150 0.050 0.050 1.850 0.100 0.106 0.045 0.045 1.900 155 Specifications subject to change without notice. 2018 Littelfuse, Inc. HF Halogen Free RoHS Compliant, ELV Compliant

Tariff Desc

8541.50.00 - Other semiconductor devices
42 No Other discrete (not IC) semiconductor devices
(PTC resettable fuses used to protect against overcurrent. Also known as a multifuse or polyfuse or polyswitch)

8536.10 FUSES AND FUSE HOLDERS, subminiature, plug in or pigtail type known as picofuses or microfuses, dimensions NOT exceeding 6mm x 18mm TC 8530773
Hamlin Littelfuse
Hamlin / Littelfuse
Hamlin Inc
Hartland Controls / Littelfuse
Littelfuse Teccor Sidactor Product
Littelfuse Wickmann Brand
Littelfuse / US Sensor
Littelfuse Inc
Littelfuse Inc.
Little Fuse / Wickmann
SSAC Relays
TE Connectivity / Circuit Protection