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Accelerometers G-LINK-200-OEM-40G On-board chip antenna OEM wireless high-speed triaxial accelerometer node user adjustable for +- 10g +-20g or +-40g standard measurement range. Operates on 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 radio. INCLUDES ON-BOARD CHIP ANTENNA.
Manufacturer: LORD

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Product Category
Sensing Axis
X, Y, Z
40 g
Output Type
20 bit
Supply Voltage - Max
36 V
Supply Voltage - Min
3.3 V
Package / Case
38.1 mm x 29 mm x 6.5 mm
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 85 C
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 40 C
Sensor Type
3 - axis
Interface Type
Operating Supply Current
45 mA
Mounting Style
Chassis Mount
Hts Code
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MicroStrain Sensing Product Datasheet G-Link -200-OEM Embeddable Wireless Accelerometer Node HIGH PERFORMANCE SENSING On-board triaxial accelerometer with 2 to 40 g measurement range Extremely low noise on all axes 25 g/Hz or 80 g/Hz User-configurable low and high pass filters) On-board temperature sensor EASY TO INTEGRATE Small, thin form factor Power from 3.3 to 36 VDC -40 to +85C operating temperature The G-Link-200-OEM has an on-board triaxial accelerometer On-board, U.FL, or MMCX antenna options that allows high-resolution data acquisition with extremely low noise and drift. Additionally, derived vibration parameters RELIABLE DATA COLLECTION allow for long-term monitoring of key performance indicators while maximizing battery life. Lossless, synchronized, and scalable networks using LXRS or LXRS+ protocol LORD Sensing Wireless Sensor Networks enable Remotely configure nodes and view sensor data with simultaneous, high-speed sensing and data aggregation from SensorConnect (PC), SensorCloud (web), or MSCL (API scalable sensor networks. Our wireless sensing systems are library) ideal for test and measurement, remote monitoring, system performance analysis, and embedded applications. CONFIGURE FOR MANY APPLICATIONS Users can easily program nodes for continuous, periodic burst, Output raw acceleration waveform data, tilt, or derived or event-triggered sampling with the SensorConnect software. vibration parameters (Velocity, Amplitude, Crest Factor) The optional web-based SensorCloud interface optimizes data Up to 4096 Hz sampling aggregation, analysis, presentation, and alerts for sensor data from remote networks. Continuous, periodic, or event-triggered operation Transmit data real-time and/or save to onboard memory APPLICATIONS Vibration monitoring Condition based maintenance (CBM) Impact and event monitoring Health monitoring of rotating components, aircraft, structures, and vehicles 2020 Parker Hannifin MicroStrain Sensing. Document 8400-0107 Revision F. Subject to change without notice.Embeddable Wireless Accelerometer Node Specifications Analog Input Channels Operating Parameters 8 g 40 g Wireless Outdoor/line-of-sight: 2 km (ideal)*, 800 m (typical)** Measurement communication Onboard antenna: 1 km (ideal)*, 400 (typical)** 2 g, 4 g, or 8 g 10 g, 20 g, or 40 g range range Indoor/obstructions: 50 m (typical)** configurable configurable Surface mount or External through MMCX or U.FL Antenna Noise density 25 g/ Hz 80 g/ Hz connector 0 g offset 25 mg (2 g) 50 mg (10 g) Radio frequency (RF) License-free 2.405 to 2.480 GHz with 16 channels transceiver carrier 0 g offset vs .1 mg/ C (typical) 0.5 mg/ C (typical) temperature RF transmit power .15 mg/ C (max) 0.75 mg/ C (max) User-adjustable 0 dBm to 20 dBm. Restricted regionally Integrated Sensors Triaxial MEMS accelerometer, 3 channels Power source 3.3 V dc to 36 V dc to solder pads Accelerometer Tx Power VIN = 3.6 V VIN = 5.0 V VIN = 12 V DC to 1 kHz bandwidth Pulse Current*** +20 dBm 135 mA 100 mA 45 mA Resolution 20 bit +16 dBm or less 100 mA 70 mA 32 mA Scale factor error < 1% ESD 4000 V (Applies to VIN, GND, Antenna, and shield) Cross axis sensitivity 1% typical Operating temperature -40C to +85C Sensitivity change 0.01%/C typical (temperature) Mechanical 1000g/1.5ms Shock Limit **** Anti-aliasing filter 1.5 kHz (-6 dB attenuation) Physical Specifications Low-pass digital filter 26 to 800 Hz - configurable Dimensions 1.5 x 1.14 x .254 (38.1 x 29.0 x 6.5 mm) High-pass digital filter Off to 2.5 Hz - configurable Mounting (4) 2- 56 UNC Chassis purchased separately Integrated Temperature Channel Weight 8.17 grams Measurement range - 40C to 85C Conformal coating Humiseal 1B31 Accuracy 0.25C (over full range) Integration Sampling Compatible gateways All WSDA gateways Sampling modes Continuous, periodic burst, event triggered SensorCloud, SensorConnect, Windows 7, 8 & 10 Acceleration, Tilt, and Derived channels: Software compatible Output options Velocity (IPSrms), Amplitude Software (Grms and Gpk-pk) and Crest Factor

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