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MASW-000553-132 electronic component of MACOM

MASW000553132 macom cpu central processing units embedded processors & controllers integrated circuits ics semiconductors

Manufacturer: MACOM
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MAAP-011027-000SMB electronic component of MACOM MAAP-011027-000SMB

RF Amplifier Amplifier,Sample Brd Asy,8W,5.2-5.9GHz
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A66-3 electronic component of MACOM A66-3

RF Amplifier 10-1000MHz NF 3.0dB Gain 26.0dB
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MAADSS0008SMB electronic component of MACOM MAADSS0008SMB

RF Development Tools Sample Board Assembly, SOT-25
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MAAL-010705-001SMB electronic component of MACOM MAAL-010705-001SMB

RF Development Tools Sample Board,Assy,2mmPDFN-8LD
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MA46H204-1056 electronic component of MACOM MA46H204-1056

MACOM Varactor Diodes Brkdn V 30V min. Gamma .48-.5
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M8TH electronic component of MACOM M8TH

Up/Down Conv Mixer 2GHz 4-Pin TO-8
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DS-109-PIN electronic component of MACOM DS-109-PIN

MACOM Signal Conditioning 10-500MHz 50 ohm IL .6dB max
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AL7S electronic component of MACOM AL7S

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M85C electronic component of MACOM M85C

RF Mixer Mixer,Microwave
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A57 electronic component of MACOM A57

RF Amplifier 10-500MHz NF 4.8dB Gain 14.7dB
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Image Description
CT80618003201ABS LJ38 electronic component of Intel CT80618003201ABS LJ38

CPU - Central Processing Units Atom E660T Single Core 1.3GHz FCBGA676
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N87C51 electronic component of AMD N87C51

CPU - Central Processing Units
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AT80571PH0772MLS LGUH electronic component of Intel AT80571PH0772MLS LGUH

CPU - Central Processing Units Pentium E6500 Dual Core 2.93GHz LGA775
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D8086-2 electronic component of Intel D8086-2

CPU - Central Processing Units
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CN80617004545AGS LBXG electronic component of Intel CN80617004545AGS LBXG

CPU - Central Processing Units Celeron P4505 Dual CR 1.866GHzFCBGA1288
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CT80618005844AAS LJ32 electronic component of Intel CT80618005844AAS LJ32

CPU - Central Processing Units Atom E620 Single CR 600 MHz FCBGA676
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BV80605001911APS LBLC electronic component of Intel BV80605001911APS LBLC

CPU - Central Processing Units Core i5-750 Quad Core 2.66GHz LGA1156
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5028140100 electronic component of Dialight 5028140100

Dialight PMI
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FJ8066401715843S R2KH electronic component of Intel FJ8066401715843S R2KH

CPU - Central Processing Units 64BIT MPU
Stock : 1

NX1WCIF11 electronic component of Omron NX1WCIF11

CPU - Central Processing Units NX1P RS-422/485 serial module
Stock : 4

Tariff Desc

8542.31.00 52 No ..CMOS and MOS Microprocessors (MPU), Microcontrollers (MCU) and Digital Signal Processors (DSP)

Electronic integrated circuits: Processors and controllers, whether or not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock and timing circuits, or other circuits
Monolithic integrated circuits Digital.
Aeroflex / Metelics (MACOM)
Aeroflex Metelics
M/A-COM Technology Solutions

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