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Video Modules 8-Channel DVR PCIe Add-in Card
Manufacturer: MaxLinear

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Video Modules
Dvr Pcie Cards
Video Format Supported
H.264 Avc/Svc
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Rs - 485
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Camera Video Modules
Embedded Solutions
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VRC7008 Product Brief 8-Channel DVR PCIe Add-In Card Description FEATURES Designed for professional video surveillance applications, the 8 Channel H.264 High Profile encoding VRC7008 8 channel PCIe DVR add-in card features the Stretch Stretch Intelligent Encoder with H.264 AVC/SVC S7100 software configurable processor and performs H.264 High Industrys best video quality Profile encoding on 8 channels of standard definition D1 NTSC/PAL Rich and intuitive API video at full resolution and frame rate. The high levels of integration Linux and Windows SDK and processing capabilities of the S7100 processor give the VRC7008 the lowest cost per channel in the surveillance industry. The VRC7008 BENEFITS offers one channel of spot monitor output. Using the spot monitor Low system bills of materials output, multiple channels of video can be scaled, tiled, and displayed in Low bit rate for reduced storage costs High quality video archive user-defined layouts on a standard definition monitor. This eliminates Fast time to market the need for additional analog output cards and reduces the cost of Plug-and-play compatibility surveillance installations. Extensive video preprocessing coupled with the power of the Stretch APPLICATION PC-based Digital Video Recorder (DVR) H.264 High Profile CODEC gives the VRC7008 the best video quality Hybrid Network Video Recorder (NVR) in the industry while maintaining high compression levels. The Programmable Accelerator of the S7100 at the core of the Intelligent Encoder delivers multi-stream encoding of baseline, main, and high-profile H.264 Advanced Video CODEC (AVC). In addition, the S7100 video processor drives H.264 Scalable Video CODEC (SVC) compression that enables flexible and efficient resizing and resampling of multi-stream surveillance video. At equivalent quality levels, VRC7008-compressed streams have one-half the bit rate of those produced by competitors solutions. This results in a 50% reduction in storage costs for surveillance installations using the VRC7008. The Stretch Scalable Video CODEC (SVC) provides ultimate flexibility by delivering video over constrained bandwidth networks and allows the stored video to be managed over time, further reducing storage costs. 8 channel Audio and 1 channel Video Input 8 channel 8 channel Audio and and 1 channel Audio Input Video Output I/O Video Input Header Video Output Header Header Header Debug Power J7 J8 J14 J15 J16 Interface and Reset J1 LED DIP Switch SW3 PCIe PE Status PC Reset Connector LEDs J10 and J11 1/2VRC7008 Product Brief The VRC7008 has a high bandwidth PCIe interface for The VRC7008 is designed specifically for video surveillance connectivity with host systems. equipment OEMs. The VRC7008 is available as a production-ready OEM unit for volume production and can The card also supports sixteen channels of alarm I/O and be ordered in either full height or low profile configurations. an RS485 interface for remote camera control through an The low-profile short-form-factor card is readily embedded I/O header with an optional I/O card. in compact industrial PCs and servers. The card is controlled via the Intelligent Encoder Software The VRC7008 has an Evaluation Kit (EVK) that contains Development Kit (SDK) for either Linux or Windows. The a complete software load for the card, a sample host VRC7008 is also compatible with all Stretch S7000-based application, and source code for all included software PCIe cards and OEMs already familiar with the SDK can (the Stretch Intelligent Encoder and CODEC plug-ins are integrate the card into their software in a matter of hours. supplied as object code). Stretch EVKs are intended for With clear SDK documentation and support of Exar evaluation purposes and can be used in either full height or Application Engineering, new design teams also achieve low profile applications. rapid time-to-market. The VRC7008 features Stretchs standard Application Programming Interface (API), ensuring plug and play compatibility with existing Stretch installations and rapid porting of third-party applications. (1) Ordering Information Minimum Order Part Number Description Multiple OEM - VRC7008-H 20 8-channel PCIe DVR OEM low-profile card, full height bracket OEM - VRC7008-L 20 8-channel PCIe DVR OEM low-profile card, low-profile bracket EVK-VRC7008 - VRC7008 Evaluation Kit NOTE: 1. Refer to for most up-to-date Ordering Information. Please contact videotechsupport to request a complete datasheet. 48720 Kato Road Tel.: +1 (510) 668-7000 Fremont, CA 94538 Fax: +1 (510) 668-7001 USA Email: videotechsupport Exar Corporation reserves the right to make changes to the products contained in this publication in order to improve design, performance or reliability. Exar Corporation conveys no license under any patent or other right and makes no representation that the circuits are free of patent infringement. While the information in this publication has been carefully checked, no responsibility, however, is assumed for inaccuracies. Exar Corporation does not recommend the use of any of its products in life support applications where the failure or malfunction of the product can reasonably be expected to cause failure of the life support system or to significantly affect its safety or effectiveness. Products are not authorized for use in such applications unless Exar Corporation receives, in writing, assurances to its satisfaction that: (a) the risk of injury or damage has been minimized (b) the user assumes all such risks (c) potential liability of Exar Corporation is adequately protected under the circumstances. Reproduction, in part or whole, without the prior written consent of Exar Corporation is prohibited. Exar, XR and the XR logo are registered trademarks of Exar Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 2017 Exar Corporation VRC7008 PB 032217 2/2

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