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BZT52-C68X electronic component of Nexperia

Zener Diodes BZT52-C68/SOD123/SOD2

Manufacturer: Nexperia
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Product Category
Zener Diodes
Vz - Zener Voltage
68 V
Voltage Tolerance
5 %
Pd - Power Dissipation
590 mW
Zz - Zener Impedance
160 Ohms
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 150 C
Mounting Style
Package / Case
SOD - 123 - 2
Reel , Cut Tape
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 55 C
Test Current
2 mA
AEC - Q101
Ir - Maximum Reverse Leakage Current
0.05 uA
Hts Code
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BZT52 series Single Zener diodes in a SOD123 package Rev. 1 16 March 2017 Product data sheet 1 Product profile 1.1 General description General-purpose Zener diodes in a SOD123 small Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic package. 1.2 Features and benefits Total power dissipation: 590 mW Wide working voltage range: nominal 2.4 V to 75 V (E24 range) Small plastic package suitable for surface-mounted design Low differential resistance AEC-Q101 qualified 1.3 Applications General regulation functions 1.4 Quick reference data Table 1. Quick reference data Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Unit 1 V forward voltage I = 10 mA - - 0.9 V F F 2 P total power dissipation T 25 C - - 350 mW tot amb 3 - - 590 mW 1 Pulse test: t 300 s 0.02. p 2 Device mounted on an FR4 Printed-Circuit Board (PCB), single-sided copper, tin-plated and standard footprint. 2 3 Device mounted on an FR4 PCB, single-sided copper, tin-plated, mounting pad for cathode 1 cm .Nexperia BZT52 series Single Zener diodes in a SOD123 package 2 Pinning information Table 2. Pinning Pin Symbol Description Simplified outline Graphic symbol 1 1 K cathode 2 A anode 1 2 1 2 006aaa152 1 The marking bar indicates the cathode. 3 Ordering information Table 3. Ordering information Type number Package Name Description Version BZT52-C2V4 to BZT52- - plastic surface-mounted package 2 leads SOD123 1 C75 1 The series consists of 37 types with nominal working voltages from 2.4 V to 75 V. 4 Marking Table 4. Marking codes Type Marking Type Marking Type Marking Type Marking number code number code number code number code BZT52-C2V4 C1 BZT52-C6V2 CB BZT52-C16 CM BZT52-C43 CY BZT52-C2V7 C2 BZT52-C6V8 CC BZT52-C18 CN BZT52-C47 D1 BZT52-C3V0 C3 BZT52-C7V5 CD BZT52-C20 CP BZT52-C51 D2 BZT52-C3V3 C4 BZT52-C8V2 CE BZT52-C22 CQ BZT52-C56 D3 BZT52-C3V6 C5 BZT52-C9V1 CF BZT52-C24 CR BZT52-C62 D4 BZT52-C3V9 C6 BZT52-C10 CG BZT52-C27 CS BZT52-C68 D5 BZT52-C4V3 C7 BZT52-C11 CH BZT52-C30 CT BZT52-C75 D6 BZT52-C4V7 C8 BZT52-C12 CJ BZT52-C33 CU - - BZT52-C5V1 C9 BZT52-C13 CK BZT52-C36 CV - - BZT52-C5V6 CA BZT52-C15 CL BZT52-C39 CW - - BZT52 SER All information provided in this document is subject to legal disclaimers. Nexperia B.V. 2017. All rights reserved. Product data sheet Rev. 1 16 March 2017 2 / 13

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