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Tuners Car Radio 26.1MHz/108MHz Automotive 64-Pin LQFP Tray

Manufacturer: NXP
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TEF6862 Car Radio Enhanced Selectivity Tuner (CREST) Rev. 01 14 September 2006 Product data sheet 1. General description The TEF6862 is a single-chip car radio tuner for AM, FM and weather band reception providing AM double conversion for LW, MW and full range SW (11 m to 120 m bands) with IF1 = 10.7 MHz and IF2 = 450 kHz. FM double conversion to IF1 = 10.7 MHz and IF2 = 450 kHz with integrated image rejection for both IF1 and IF2 integrated IF lter with variable bandwidth and automatic 2 bandwidth control algorithm with exibility via the I C-bus capable of US FM, Europe FM, Japan FM, East Europe FM and weather band reception all FM bands can be selected using high injection LO or low injection LO in the FM mixer 1. Tuning system including crystal oscillator, VCO, PLL synthesizer and state machine for timing uncritical control of search, preset change and AF check via microcontroller. 2. Features n High dynamic range FM front-end mixer for conversion of FM RF (65 MHz to 108 MHz and USA weather band) to an IF frequency of 10.7 MHz mixer provides inherent image rejection which can be switched from low injection LO to high injection LO via 2 the I C-bus n FM front-end AGC PIN diode drive circuit AGC detection at the FM font-end mixer input and the IF lter input AGC threshold for detection at the mixer input is 2 programmable and keyed AGC function can be selected via the I C-bus the AGC PIN 2 diode drive can be activated by the I C-bus for a search tuning in local mode in 2 AM mode the AGC PIN diode drive can be activated by the I C-bus if required 2 information on amount of PIN diode AGC is available via the I C-bus 2 n FM front-end mixer includes +6 dB gain setting via the I C-bus n FM second mixer for conversion of IF1 10.7 MHz to IF2 450 kHz including inherent 2 image rejection the gain can be controlled via the I C-bus n Integrated FM channel selection lter with continuous variable bandwidth providing simultaneous low distortion and high selectivity with only one external ceramic lter 2 improved sensitivity with dynamic threshold extension can be enabled via the I C-bus n Fully integrated FM demodulator with very low distortion n Digital bandwidth control algorithm with detection on adjacent channel information, 2 deviation, detuning and level with customer exibility via the I C-bus n Digital alignment circuit for bus controlled adjustment of oscillator tuning voltage to two FM antenna tank circuit tuning voltages AM and FM level start and slope alignment IF lter and demodulator center frequency alignment n AM and FM level detection (signal strength indication) n Separate RF input to FM front-end mixer for weather band n Flag or voltage output indicators for actual IF bandwidth informationTEF6862 Philips Semiconductors Car Radio Enhanced Selectivity Tuner (CREST) n AM front-end mixer for conversion of AM RF to an IF frequency of 10.7 MHz n AM RF AGC circuit for external cascode AGC and PIN diode AGC n AM noise blanker with detection at IF1 and blanking at IF2 n AM second mixer for conversion of IF1 10.7 MHz to IF2 450 kHz IF2 AGC amplier and AM demodulator with low distortion n For AM stereo applications the gain controlled AM IF2 output voltage can be switched 2 to MPXAM output pin via the I C-bus n Crystal oscillator providing frequency for second conversion, references for synthesizer PLL and analog signal processor and timing for tuning action n LC tuning oscillator with low phase noise and oscillator dividers with selectable divider ratios for worldwide tuner reception without band switching in application n Fast synthesizer PLL tuning system with dynamically adapting loop parameters combining fast PLL frequency jumps for inaudible RDS updating with low spurious responses for large signal-to-noise ratios n Sequential state machine for preset change, search and inaudible AFU allowing a timing uncritical microcontroller operation the state machine generates timing signals for the internal inaudible tuning mute and analog or digital signal processor n An alternative frequency check can be initiated by the signal processor for audio correlation algorithms directly without involvement of the microcontroller n Audio soft slope tuning mute circuit allowing inaudible AFU 2 n Two hardware programmable I C-bus addresses n Two software controlled ag outputs n Several test modes for fast IC and system tests 3. Quick reference data Table 1. Quick reference data V = 8.5 V T =25 C see Figure 25 and Figure 26 all AC values are given in RMS unless otherwise specied. CCA amb Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Unit Supply voltage V analog supply voltage on pins VCC, VCCPLL, VCCVCO, 8 8.5 9 V CCA VCCRF, AMMIX2OUT1, AMMIX2OUT2, MIX1OUT1 and MIX1OUT2 Current in FM mode I total supply current - 101.9 - mA CC(tot) Current in AM mode I total supply current - 84.4 - mA CC(tot) Tuning system see Table 37, Table 38 and Table 39 Timings t tuning time Europe FM and US FM band - 0.75 1 ms tune f = 100 kHz f = 87.5 MHz to ref RF 108 MHz AM MW band f = 20 kHz --10 ms ref f = 0.53 MHz to 1.7 MHz RF t AF update time cycle time for inaudible AF update - 6 6.5 ms upd(AF) including 1 ms mute start and 1 ms mute release time TEF6862 1 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. 2006. All rights reserved. Product data sheet Rev. 01 14 September 2006 2 of 65

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