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K2CM-1L electronic component of Omron

Safety Relays Motor Protective Relay

Manufacturer: Omron
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Product Category
Safety Relays
Control Voltage Range
100 VAC , 110 VAC , 120 VAC
Industrial Mount
Load Current Rating
8 A To 26 A
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Ssr - Solid State Relays
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Motor Protective Relay K2CM CSM K2CM DS E 6 3 Solid-state Relay Enables Choice of Three Operating Functions (Overcurrent, Open- phase, and Reverse-phase) Protects 3-phase induction motors and their loads from damage. Selection and combination of operating functions from overcur- rent, open-phase, and reverse-phase. Circuit and output relay operation can be checked by just operat- ing the test button. The set time value can be checked easily because operation time is indicated from the start of operation. Space-saving, integrated construction. Note: If the K2CM is used with an inverter, the operating conditions will depend on the load wiring length, inverter carrier frequency, basic frequency, and load conditions. Error will occur in the operating values of the overload elements. It is recommended to test operation before using the K2CM. Model Number Structure Model Number Legend K2CM- - 12 3 4 5 6 1. Model 5. Current setting range LS: 2 to 8 A K2CM: Motor relay 2. Mounting style L: 8 to 26 A None: Surface-mounting, integrated type M: 20 to 65 A 3. Operating time characteristics H: 50 to 160 A None: Inverse type 6. Operating time Q: Instantaneous type None: 1 (2 to 10 s)/ 4 (8 to 40 s) Switchable 4. Supply voltage of control circuit 7. Resetting method 1: 100/110/120 VAC None: Manual reset 2: 200/220/240 VAC A: Automatic reset 4: 400/440 VAC 8. Reverse-phase detection type None: Current reverse-phase detection V: Voltage reverse-phase detection Ordering Information List of Models Voltage Reverse-phase Detection Models Time specification Inverse type Instantaneous type Resetting Current setting range 8 to 26 A 20 to 65 A 50 to 160 A 8 to 26 A 20 to 65 A 50 to 160 A method Operating voltage Manual 200/220/240 VAC K2CM-2LV K2CM-2MV K2CM-2HV K2CM-Q2LV K2CM-Q2MV K2CM-Q2HV Automatic 200/220/240 VAC K2CM-2LAV K2CM-2MAV K2CM-2HAV K2CM-Q2LAV K2CM-Q2MAV K2CM-Q2HAV 1K2CM Current Reverse-phase Detection Models Time specification Inverse type Instantaneous type Current setting range 2 to 8 A 8 to 26 A 20 to 65 A 50 to 160 A 2 to 8 A 8 to 26 A 20 to 65 A 50 to 160 A Resetting method Operating voltage Manual 100/110/120 VAC K2CM-1LS K2CM-1L K2CM-1M K2CM-1H K2CM-Q1LS K2CM-Q1L K2CM-Q1M K2CM-Q1H 200/220/240 VAC K2CM-2LS K2CM-2L K2CM-2M K2CM-2H K2CM-Q2LS K2CM-Q2L K2CM-Q2M K2CM-Q2H 400/440 VAC --- K2CM-4L K2CM-4M K2CM-4H --- K2CM-Q4L K2CM-Q4M K2CM-Q4H Automatic 100/110/120 VAC K2CM-1LSA K2CM-1LA K2CM-1MA K2CM-1HA K2CM-Q1LSA K2CM-Q1LA K2CM-Q1MA K2CM-Q1HA (See 200/220/240 VAC K2CM-2LSA K2CM-2LA K2CM-2MA K2CM-2HA K2CM-Q2LSA K2CM-Q2LA K2CM-Q2MA K2CM-Q2HA note.) 400/440 VAC --- K2CM-4LA K2CM-4MA K2CM-4HA --- K2CM-Q4LA K2CM-Q4MA K2CM-Q4HA Note: The manual resetting method must be used with reverse-phase detection. Related Product Transformer Model Voltage specification Secondary power consumption SE-PT400 Primary side 380 to 480 V (wide power supply range) 7VA Secondary side 190 to 240 V (wide power supply range) Note: Use this Transformer when a voltage reverse-phase detection model is used on a 400-V line. Specifications Ratings Other features, such as 100% overcurrent capacity and flush mounting are also available. See Model Number Legend on page 1 for details. Supply voltage of motor circuit 200/220, 400/440 VAC, 50/60 Hz Supply voltage of control circuit 100/110/120, 200/220/240, 400/440 VAC, 50/60 Hz Insulation breakdown of output contact 500 VAC Operating voltage/current of output contact NO contact: 120 VAC/2 A, 240 VAC/1 A, 440 VAC/0.5 A, 110 VDC/0.2 A, 220 VDC/0.1 A (pf = 0.4 when breaking contact) NC contact: 120 VAC/5 A, 240 VAC/2 A, 440 VAC/1 A, 110 VDC/0.2 A, 220 VDC/0.1 A Contact form of output contact Current reverse-phase detection models: SPST-NO + SPST-NC Voltage reverse-phase detection models: SPDT Operating current range of input circuit 2 to 160 A (Number of passes: 1) Operating voltage range of control circuit 85% to 110% of rated voltage, but operates normally at 50% of open-phase supply voltage Operating frequency range of control circuit 95% to 105% of rated frequency Power consumption Approx. 3 VA (in standby state) 5 VA (in operating state) Overcurrent function operating value 115 10% of the setting value Overcurrent function operating time setting Inverse Type range Inverse time both at startup and during operation: Timer scale 1 (s) at 600% overload Timer scale 3 (s) at 200% overload Note: The above values are for a time factor setting of 1. Instantaneous Type Fixed time at starting (start-up lock) Time setting value (varies between 2 and 40 s) at 140% overload and starting Instantaneous during operation: 0.5 s max. (when current is increased from 100 to 140% of the set current value) Case color Munsell 5Y7/1 Overcurrent function operating time Inverse type: 10% of maximum setting value (at 600% overload) characteristics Instantaneous type: 20% of maximum setting value (at 140% overcurrent and at starting) Overcurrent function resetting value 100% min. of the setting value Overcurrent function start-up operating Inverse type: Not applicable value Instantaneous type: 30% max. of the setting value (See note.) Open-phase operating value 85% max. of the set current value (at open-phase) Open-phase operating time 2 s max. (at overcurrent operating value) Reverse-phase operating value 50% max. of the current value (80% max. of the operating voltage) Reverse-phase operating time 1 s max. (at overcurrent operating value) Imbalance operating value 85% of the set current value Current imbalance factor High: 35 10% Low: 60% min. (at overcurrent operating value) where Reverse phase portion Imbalance factor = 100 (%) Normal phase portion Note: The start-up lock timer restarts when the operating value at starting becomes less than 30% of the set current value. 2

Tariff Desc


8536.41 TC 8909066 RELAYS, having a continuous contact rating of NOT less than 3A and body dimensions NOT exceeding 40mm x 30mm x 27mm

8536.49.00 TC 9613322 RELAYS, low profile, OTHER THAN reed relays, being EITHER of the following:
(a) height NOT exceeding 21.24 mm;
(b) height NOT exceeding 35 mm and having a continuous current rating NOT less than 8A AC

8536.49 TC 8906734 RELAYS, having ALL of the following:
(a) one, two or three contacts;
(b) maximum continuous contact current rating of NOT less than 15A;
(c) maximum contact voltage rating of NOT less than 380V;
(d) maximum switched power rating of NOT less than 4000VA

8536.49.00 TC 1122469 RELAYS, having an operating voltage NOT exceeding 250 volts, having ANY of the following:
(a) spring loaded terminals
(b) plug-in screw terminals
(c) wire connected terminals

8536.41 TC 8534635 RELAYS, cradle, having ALL of the following:
(a) maximum switching current NOT exceeding 5 A (AC or DC);
(b) switching voltage NOT exceeding 250 V (AC or DC);
(c) body dimensions NOT exceeding 31 mm x 36 mm x 19 mm

8536.49 TC 8633667 RELAYS, vacuum, hermetically sealed

8536.41.00 TC 19144923 RELAYS, SWITCH AMPLIFIER, having a supply voltage NOT greater than 40v

8536.49 8633669 RELAYS, thermal overload, having ALL of the following characteristics:
(a) trip time NOT exceeding 5 s at 6 times full load current
(b) manual reset
(c) maximum current 50A

8536.49 TC 8633636 RELAYS, power appliance, 15A, having EITHER 2 contacts or 3 contacts

8536.41 TC 8438513 RELAYS, mercury wetted, contact type

8536.41 TC 8438500 RELAYS, coaxial
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