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SDV-FL6 AC100/110

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Board Mount Current Sensors VOLTAGE SENSOR

Manufacturer: Omron
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Board Mount Current Sensors
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Sensor Hardware
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Voltage Sensor SDV CSM SDV DS E 6 4 Overvoltage/Undervoltage Monitoring Relay for AC and DC Input Detect overvoltages or undervoltages (switch select- able) from 4 mV to 300 V. Detect undercurrent, reverse current, or overcurrent in DC circuits using shunt (SDV-FL). Detect three-phase AC current for under and/or overcur- rent using current converter. Available in 7 supply voltage configurations. Single-function model with ON-delay, OFF-delay, or star- tup lock settings (SDV-FH T). For the most recent information on models that have been certified for Select either AC or DC voltage input. safety standards, refer to your OMRON website. Polarity can be specified (SDV-FL) to enable easy re- verse current detection. Selectable reset value range from 2% to 30% of operat- ing value (SDV-F). LED operation indicator. UL, CSA (SDV-F), and RCM approval. Model Number Structure Model Number Legend SDV- 123456 1. Voltage Sensor Note: Not possible for the SDV equipped with the timing function (SDV-FH T). 2. Operation F: Single-function (overvoltage or undervoltage detection) D: Dual-function (overvoltage and undervoltage detection) 3. Operating Voltage Range L: 4 to 240 mV (DC input only) (For SDV-F only) M: 0.2 to 12 V (AC or DC input) H: 10 to 300 V (AC or DC input) 4, 5. Control Power Supply Voltage 2: 24 VDC 3: 48 VDC 4: 100/110 VDC 5: 125 VDC 51: 200/220 VDC (Single-function models) 6: 100/110 VAC 61: 120 VAC (Single-function models) 7: 200/220 VAC 71: 240 VAC (Single-function models) 6. Timing Function (SDV-FH Only (See Note)) None: Not provided T: Provided Note: SDV-FL and SDV-FM models can also be equipped with the timing function as a special specification. Ask your OMRON representative for details. 1SDV SDV-SH (Order Separately) 12345 1. Shunt (For SDV-FL Only) 2, 3, 4, 5. Rated Current Available Models Rated current Rated voltage Model Rated current Rated voltage Model 5 A 60 mV SDV-SH5 75 A 60 mV SDV-SH75 7.5 A SDV-SH7.5 100 A SDV-SH100 7.5 A 100 mV SDV-SH7.5 100MV 150 A SDV-SH150 10 A 60 mV SDV-SH10 200 A SDV-SH200 15 A SDV-SH15 300 A SDV-SH300 20 A SDV-SH20 500 A SDV-SH500 30 A SDV-SH30 750 A SDV-SH750 50 A SDV-SH50 1,000 A SDV-SH1000 Note: All the above listed shunts have an accuracy in the 1.0 class. Connecting Socket (Order Separately) Socket Applicable models Type Model SDV-F /-FH T Front Connecting Socket 8PFA1 Back Connecting Socket PL08 SDV-D Front Connecting Socket 14PFA Back Connecting Socket PL15 Ordering Information Single-function Models Overvoltage or Undervoltage Detection (Switch Selectable) Control power supply voltage Input DC DC or AC (selectable) Input voltage range 4 to 240 mV 0.2 to 12 V 10 to 300 V 24 VDC SDV-FL2 SDV-FM2 SDV-FH2 48 VDC SDV-FL3 SDV-FM3 SDV-FH3 100/110 VDC SDV-FL4 SDV-FM4 SDV-FH4 125 VDC SDV-FL5 SDV-FM5 SDV-FH5 200/220 VDC --- --- SDV-FH51 100/110 VAC SDV-FL6 SDV-FM6 SDV-FH6 120 VAC --- --- SDV-FH61 200/220 VAC SDV-FL7 SDV-FM7 SDV-FH7 240 VAC --- --- SDV-FH71 Dual-function Models Overvoltage and Undervoltage Detection Control power supply voltage Input: DC or AC (selectable) Input voltage range 0.2 to 12 V 10 to 300 V 24 VDC SDV-DM2 SDV-DH2 48 VDC SDV-DM3 SDV-DH3 100/110 VDC SDV-DM4 SDV-DH4 125 VDC SDV-DM5 SDV-DH5 100/110 VAC SDV-DM6 SDV-DH6 200/220 VAC SDV-DM7 SDV-DH7 240 VAC SDV-DM71 SDV-DH71 Note: 1. Inquire about production of models with 120- and 240-VAC control power supply. 2. Inquire about models with special processing for high-temperature, high-humidity applications. 3. The ripple factor must be 5% or less for DC power supplies. 2

Tariff Desc


8536.41 TC8909066 RELAYS having a continuous contact rating of NOT less than 3A and body dimensions NOT exceeding 40mmx30mmx27mm

8536.49.00 TC9613322 RELAYS low profile, OTHER THAN reed relays, being EITHER of the following:
(a) height NOT exceeding 21.24mm
(b) height NOT exceeding 35mm and having a continuous current rating NOT less than 8AAC

8536.49 TC8906734 RELAYS having ALL of the following:
(a) one, two or three contacts
(b) maximum continuous contact current rating of NOT less than 15A
(c) maximum contact voltage rating of NOT less than 380V
(d) maximum switched power rating of NOT less than 4000VA

8536.49.00 TC1122469 RELAYS having an operating voltage NOT exceeding 250volts, having ANY of the following:
(a) spring loaded terminals
(b) plug-in screw terminals
(c) wire connected terminals

8536.41 TC8534635 RELAYS cradle, having ALL of the following:
(a) maximum switching current NOT exceeding 5A (AC or DC);
(b) switching voltage NOT exceeding 250V (AC or DC);
(c) body dimensions NOT exceeding 31mm x36mm x19mm

8536.49 TC8633667 RELAYS vacuum, hermetically sealed

8536.41.00 TC19144923 RELAYS SWITCH AMPLIFIER, having a supply voltage NOT greater than 40v

8536.49 8633669 RELAYS thermal overload, having ALL of the following characteristics:
(a) trip time NOT exceeding 5s at 6 times full load current
(b) manual reset
(c) maximum current 50A

8536.49 TC 8633636 RELAYS, power appliance, 15A, having EITHER 2 contacts or 3 contacts

8536.49 TC 8532678 CONTACTORS, having BOTH of the following:
(a) normally closed main poles;
(b) DC rated current 9 A or greater

8536.49.00 TC 1312158 CONTACTORS, single OR multi-pole, for a voltage NOT exceeding 1000V

8538.90.90 08 .. For programmable controllers Other Free
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