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Multi-Directional Switches T5 SWITCH 5 POSTION TOGGLEPB

Manufacturer: OTTO
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Multi-Directional Switches
Multi-Directional Switches
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TRIM SWITCHES MT T5 MINI TRIM T5 MINI TRIM SWITCHES SWITCHES 4-WAY PLUS CENTER PUSHBUTTON MINI TRIM, COMMERCIAL & MILITARY GRADES OTTO Mini Trims are toggle switches available in 2-way, 4-way, 4-way plus pushbutton, and 8-way versions. The T5 Mini Trim is a single pole, 5 throw Center off momentary contact (self return to center off) switch. Numerous button styles are available on both the Commercial and Military grade switch versions. Mini Trims are typically press fit into control grips or panel mounted using versions with an 11/16 threaded case. Mini Trims are also available with multiple sealing levels to fit all applications. Typical Dimensions Standard Characteristics/Ratings: ELECTRICAL RATINGS: Load Rating Resistive 10mA 5VDC (low level) Inductive 1A 28VDC DWV 1050Vrms Low Level 10mA Resistive 5VDC Electrical Life: 100,000 cycles 1A Inductive 28VDC Lever Travel: Toggle: 15 max from center OFF Pushbutton: 0.020 inches min Press Fit Threaded Body Seal: IP64 or IP68S or MIL-PRF-8805 Design 3 Operating Temp Range: -55C to +85C Operating Force: Toggle: 16 oz +/- 6 oz T5 Pushbutton: 5.0 lbs. max Lever Pivot & Stop Strength: Switch is capable of withstanding a force of 25.0 lbs. applied to the actuating button. The button also withstands 15.0 lbs. minimum pull force. MATERIALS: Case: Aluminum alloy or thermoplastic Button: Thermoplastic Terminals: Silver over brass Threaded Body Brass with gold over silver for low level Press Fit Terminal Hardware: None provided Mounting Hardware: Hex nut, tooth lockwasher, panel seal gasket where applicable T5 MINI TRIM PART NUMBER CODE T5 X X X X X X Series Grade Button Style Case Style Seal Level Current Rating Button Color* T5. 4-Way C. Commercial B. Tall Jog 1. Press Fit 1. IP64 Dusttight 1. Standard 1. Red Plus Center M. Military C. Rocker 2. IP68S Watertight 2. Black 2. Threaded 2. Low Level Pushbutton 3. Design Symbol 3 Watertight D. Commercial - D. Cone 8. Gray Lenient Center* per MIL-PRF-8805 and Meets E. LRUD Hat N. Not Applicable** Environmental Testing per N. Military - G. Hat Lenient Center* MIL-DTL-9419 * Contact factory for H. Stadium additional button colors. J. Castle K. 4-Way Jog P. 4-40 Threaded Post * Wider angle of operation for center pushbutton. **Use when specifying Button Style P Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice 177TRIM SWITCHES MT MINI TRIM MINI TRIM BUTTON STYLES BUTTON STYLES MINI TRIM BUTTON STYLES Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice 179

Tariff Desc

8536.50.99 SWITCHES, being ANY of the following:
(k) 4-way, 100 V AC 0.5 A OR 25 V DC 1 A;
TC 9900975

8471.60.00 -Input or output units, whether or not containing storage units in the same housing
55 Keyboards
91 Joystick/game pads
92 Mouse/trackball
Otto Engineering, Inc.