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Wire Labels & Markers Therm Transfer Comp LBL

Manufacturer: Panduit
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Wire Labels & Markers
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18900 Panduit Drive TDS: GMY4-W Tinley Park, IL 60487 Effective Date: 17June14 Customer Service: 800-777-3300 Revision: 10 Technical Data Sheet Thermal Transfer Printable Polyester Film This specification is intended to outline the physical and chemical properties of PANDUITs pressure sensitive thermal transfer printable polyester material and include the following part numbers and printable material identifiers: Part Number Prefixes Printable Material Suffixes TTC*Y YJT TC*Y YJ6 (a) PLD-56 YJC (b) PLD-57 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Description: Material is RoHS compliant (European Union directive 2002/95/EC). Material is a top coated polyester film with a pressure sensitive adhesive. This material is halogen free. Print Methods: This material is recommended for thermal transfer printing. Adhesive: Acrylic based, pressure sensitive permanent adhesive. Standard Colors: White (a) (b) Preprinted Colors Thickness: 2.8 +/- 0.4 mils (substrate and adhesive) Service Temperature Range: -40F to 302F (-40C to 150C) Minimum Application Temperature: 50F (10C) Storage Conditions: Store at 70F (21C) and 50% Relative Humidity. For cassette products do not exceed 95F. PROPERTIES: PERFORMANCE: Peel Adhesion to Stainless Steel: 48 oz/in width (PSTC-101, 15 min. dwell) Shear Adhesion: 24+ hours (PSTC-107, Procedure A) Tensile Strength: MD 36 +/- 3.6 lbs./inch width (PSTC-131) TD 41 +/- 4.1 lbs./inch width (PSTC-131) MD 80% +/- 15% (PSTC-131) Elongation: TD 75% +/- 15% (PSTC-131) Elevated Temperature Exposure: After 8 hours at 150F (65.5C) there was no deterioration of the substrate Tack: 3.8 lb/in (PSTC-11) Short Term High Service Temperature: 5 minutes at 392F (200C) and 210C. No visible change observed. At 230C, Slight shrinkage of film observed, but no curling or yellowing of film observed. Long Term High Service Temperature: 30 days at 212F (100C). No visible change observed. Long Term Low Service Temperature: 30 days at -40F (-40C). No visible change observed. Humidity Resistance: 30 days at 100F (37C) and 95% RH. No visible change observed. UV Resistance *3000 hours no change observed (ASTM G154) *3000 hours equates to 5 years of assimilated outdoor UV exposure. Page 1 of 2 2005 PANDUIT Corp TDS: GMY4-W 18900 Panduit Drive TDS: GMY4-W Tinley Park, IL 60487 Effective Date: 17June14 Customer Service: 800-777-3300 Revision: 10 Technical Data Sheet CHEMICAL/SOLVENT RESISTANCE: The testing was conducted at room temperature. Samples were thermal transfer printed with Panduit RMR*BL/RMER*BL ribbon on the Panduit TDP43MY/TDP43ME printer. Separate sets were conditioned for 24 hours before being immersed in the following solvents for a period of 1 hour and 24 hours. After the samples were removed from the immersed solvents, they were rubbed 10 times with a lint free gauze. Visual observations were noted for any smear or loss of legibility. 1 Hour Immersion Chemical/Solvent Visual Observation Jet Fuel No change Gasoline No change Methyl Ethyl Ketone Loss of print legibility 1:1:1 TCE No change Trichloroethylene Loss of print legibility 409 Cleaner No change Alpha Flux 200L No change 24 Hours Immersion Chemical/Solvent Visual Observation Isopropyl Alcohol No change Water 150F No change Salt Water No change SAE 30 Motor Oil No change Hydraulic Fluid No change Skydrol Loss of print legibility Methanol/Water No change Ethylene Glycol No change ASTM 3 Oil No change Ethanol No change APPROVALS UL Recognized: UL969 File number: MH 14576 (except (a)),, MH 14979 CUL Recognized: C22.2 No 0.15-01 File number: MH 14979 LIMITED WARRANTY All PANDUIT Identification Solution Products (except for Software programs) are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of sale but our obligation under this warranty is limited to replacement of the product proved to be defective within 6 months from the date of sale, or in the case of printers, within 90 days from the date of sale. This warranty is void if the products or printers are modified, altered or misused in any way. Use of PANDUIT printers with any product other than the specified PANDUIT products for which the printer was designed constitutes misuse. Before using, the user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. The foregoing may not be altered except by an agreement signed by officers or seller and manufacturer. NEITHER PANDUIT OR SELLER SHALL BE LIABLE FOR ANY OTHER INJURY, LOSS OR DAMAGE, WHETHER DIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL, ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF, OR THE INABILITY TO USE THE PRODUCT OR THE PRINTER. THIS WARRANTY IS MADE IN LIEU OF AND EXCLUDES ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS OF PARTICULAR USE ARE SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED. The information contained in this literature is based on our experience to date and is believed to be reliable. It is intended as a guide or use by persons having technical skill at their own discretion and risk. We do not guarantee favorable results or assume any liability in connection with its use. Dimensions contained herein are for reference purposes only. This publication is not to be taken as a license to operate under, or a recommendation to infringe any existing patents. This supersedes and voids all previous literature, etc. Page 2 of 2 2005 PANDUIT Corp TDS: GMY4-W

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3926.90.90 Other articles of plastics and articles of other materials ---Other

4811.41.10 Goods, as follows:
(a) in rolls or strips of a width not exceeding 15 cm;
(b) in rectangular (including square) sheets in which no side exceeds 36 cm, in the unfolded state;
(c) in rectangular sheets with one side exceeding 36 cm and the other side not exceeding 15 cm, in the unfolded state:

4821.90.00 TC 1206403 LABELS, thermal transfer, self adhesive, having ALL of the
(a) paper layer;
(b) metal carrier layer;
(c) adhesive layer;
(d) heat resistance to 350 degrees C
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