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VHS4012 electronic component of Philmore

Cable Assembly Video 3.657m 4 POS Mini DIN to 4 POS Mini DIN M-F Bulk

Manufacturer: Philmore
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Audio Cables / Video Cables / RCA Cables
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Tariff Desc

8544.42.19 CABLES, COMPUTER, being ANY of the following:
(a) flat ribbon
(b) audio
(c) video
(d) serial interface
(e) light emitting diode (LED) strip
(f) data
(g) local area network
(h) internal drive
(i) switch (jumper)
(j) modulator/demodulator (MODEM)
(k) planar to modulator/demodulator (MODEM)
(l) signal
TC 0614514
(b) audio;
(c) video;
Op. 01.01.2007 Dec. 23.11.2006 - TC 0614514