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Q200G-3.2D electronic component of Quick

Tip; chisel; 3.2x0.5mm; QUICK-713,QUICK-901B

Manufacturer: Quick
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Product Category
Soldering Irons
Soldering Irons
Type Of Tip
for soldering irons
Tip Shape
Tip Dimensions
Applications Of Soldering Equipment
for soldering station, for soldering iron
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ChipThe Q200G-3.2D is an electronic part with a Tip chisel and a 3.2x0.5mm size. It is manufactured by Quick Chip and is compatible with the Quick-713 and Quick-901B product lines. It is designed for use in applications such as making connections within circuit boards and soldering components to support rapid prototyping development. It features a precise 3.2x0.5mm size chisel tip to quickly connect components with greater serviceability. It is constructed with long lasting material to provide both durability and reliability.

Tariff Desc

8515.11.00 11 No - - Soldering irons and guns 5%

8515.19.90 TC 19287262 SOLDERING AND/OR REWORK STATIONS, having ALL of the following:
(a) control unit;
(b) feed station;
(c) ergonomic instruments;
(d) intelligent heat management module;
(e) soldering and rework cartridge tips;
(f) hand piece stands;