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S-8224ABA-I8T1U electronic component of Seiko

Battery Management 4.4 Vcu -400 mVhc

Manufacturer: Seiko
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Product Category
Battery Management
Battery Protection
Battery Type
Li - Ion
Mounting Style
S - 8224A/B
Reel , Cut Tape
Operating Supply Voltage
3.6 V to 28 V
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S-8224A/B Series BATTERY PROTECTION IC FOR 2-SERIAL TO 4-SERIAL CELL PACK (SECONDARY PROTECTION) ABLIC Inc., 2017-2018 Rev.1.3 00 The S-8224A/B Series is used for secondary protection of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, and incorporates high-accuracy voltage detection circuits and delay circuits. Short-circuits between cells accommodate series connection of two cells to four cells. The S-8224B Series limits its CO pin output voltage to 11.5 V max., so a FET with the gate withstand voltage of 12 V can be used. Features High-accuracy voltage detection circuit for each cell Overcharge detection voltage n (n = 1 to 4) 3.600 V to 4.700 V (50 mV step) Accuracy 20 mV (Ta = +25C) Accuracy 25 mV (Ta = 10C to +60C) *1 Overcharge hysteresis voltage n (n = 1 to 4) 0.0 mV to 550 mV (50 mV step) 300 mV to 550 mV Accuracy 20% 100 mV to 250 mV Accuracy 50 mV 50 mV Accuracy 25 mV 0.0 mV Accuracy 25 mV to +20 mV Delay times for overcharge detection are generated only by an internal circuit (external capacitors are unnecessary) Overcharge detection delay time is selectable: 1 s, 2 s, 4 s, 6 s, 8 s Overcharge release delay time is selectable: 2 ms, 64 ms Built-in timer reset delay circuit Output control function via CTL pin Output form is selectable (S-8224A Series): CMOS output, Nch open-drain output Output logic is selectable (S-8224A Series): Active, active *2 CO pin output voltage is limited to 11.5 V max. (S-8224B Series) High-withstand voltage: Absolute maximum rating 28 V Wide operation voltage range: 3.6 V to 28 V Wide operation temperature range: Ta = 40C to +85C Low current consumption During operation (V 1.0 V for each cell): 0.25 A typ., 0.6 A max. (Ta = +25C) CU During overdischarge (V 0.5 V for each cell): 0.3 A max. (Ta = +25C) CU Lead-free (Sn 100%), halogen-free *1. Select the overcharge hysteresis voltage calculated as the following formula. (Overcharge detection voltage n) + (Overcharge hysteresis voltage n) 3.4 V *2. Only output logic active is available. Application Lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs (for secondary protection) Package SNT-8A 1 BATTERY PROTECTION IC FOR 2-SERIAL TO 4-SERIAL CELL PACK (SECONDARY PROTECTION) S-8224A/B Series Rev.1.3 00 Block Diagrams 1. S-8224A Series 1. 1 CMOS output product VDD VC1 Overcharge detection comparator 1 + VC2 Overcharge detection comparator 2 + CO Control logic VC3 Overcharge detection Delay circuit comparator 3 Oscillator + VC4 Overcharge detection comparator 4 + VSS CO pin output CTL control circuit Figure 1 2

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8542.31.00 51 No ..Application Specific (Digital) Integrated Circuits (ASIC)

Electronic integrated circuits: Processors and controllers, whether or not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock and timing circuits, or other circuits
Monolithic integrated circuits:
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