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Input Devices EZ Access 8 key USB

Manufacturer: Storm Interface
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Storm Interface

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Storm Interface
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Input Devices
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8 Key Easy Access Pad Usb Keypad
Storm Interface
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Input Devices
Input Devices
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TM Nav-Pad Storm Assistive Technology Products ADA compliant, provide improved accessibility for those tactile keypad with impaired vision, restricted for audible mobility or limited fine motor skills. Kiosks, ATMs, ticketing machines and voting system terminals usually present information about available products and services via a visual navigation display or touch screen. Nav-Pad is a highly tactile interface that improves accessibility, making navigation and selection of screen based menus possible for those with impaired vision or restricted movement. Nav-Pad is available as a non-encoded switch matrix version or as an encoded USB compatible device. Nav-Pad was developed in association with the Trace Research & Development Center with support from the University of Wisconsin. Nav-Pad is a compliant tactile interface device for use as part of an ADA audible menu navigation system or EZ-Access implementation. 13.3 31 105 20.5 39 All dimensions in mm Available in standard 5 key, and 8 key configurations Environmental to suit most applications. Vibration & Shock: ETSI 6M3 Impact Resistance: IK09 (10J Rating) Available as a non-encoded switch matrix terminated via Operational temperature: -20C to +70C (dry) a male, goldplated, square pin, 0.1 (2.54mm) pitch Weather Resistance: IP65 (when panel mounted) connector with locking ramp. Performance Also available as an encoded USB compatible device, Operational Key Life: >4 million cycles per key supplied with an attached hard-wired 2.5m USB cable. Certification: CE / FCC / UL Weather resistant. Specification Rating: 5V + 0.25V (USB 2.0) Keytop colours, shapes and tactile symbols make them Connection: Mini USB B Socket readily identifiable by both sight and touch. Panel Cutout 109.5mm x 95.5mm 5mm Radius Corners 1.2 2mm panel thicknes (recommended) Storm, Storm ATP, Storm Interface, Nav-Pad and Audio-Module Underpanel Seal Included are trademarks of Keymat Technology Ltd. All rights reserved. EZ Access is a trademark of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. CIVIC CORPORATE RETAIL 119TM Nav-Pad Nav-Pad Keypads Storm Nav-Pad keypads are constructed to survive in exposed or hostile outdoor environments the keypads will withstand heavy use and abuse. They are sealed against the ingress of liquids and dust to survive regular wash down and sanitation procedures. Nav-Pad keypads feature an optional integral USB interface to ensure hassle free, single cable connection to the host system. (Please note: The USB cable is supplied hard-wired). CONTACT MATRIX AS SEEN FROM REAR PIN ROW / COLUMN 10 NOT USED 9 R3 8 Key Layout 5 Key Layout 8 R4 7 NOT USED 6 C3 Rear view showing panel fixing clip 5 C2 4 C1 3 R2 2 R1 3mm Weld Stud 1 NOT USED (or 6-32 UNC) on rear of panel OUTPUTS - MATRIX & USB VERSIONS Panel Fixing Clip MATRIX KEY USB (Row/ Description LEGEND COLOR (Keycode) Column) Gasket R1C1 << BLACK F23 Home/Menu R1C2 BLUE F17 EZ-Help Rear of Panel R1C3 >> RED F24 End R2C1 BACK WHITE F21 Back R2C3 NEXT WHITE F22 Next R3C2 YELLOW F18 Up R4C2 YELLOW F19 Down R4C3 GREEN F20 Action TM Nav-Pad Keypad Range Part Numbers 8 Key format, USB Interface EZ08-22201 Whilst every effort is made to 5 Key format, USB Interface EZ05-22201 For more information & to order: ensure details are correct at time of print, specifications are subject 8 Key format, Switch Matrix EZ08-21001 to change without notice. 5 Key format, Switch Matrix EZ05-21001 Storm Interface products include technology protected by international patents and design registration. All rights reserved. Storm is a trademark of Keymat Technology Ltd Storm Interface is a trading name Accessories Part Number of Keymat Technology Ltd Nav-Pad Classic Dec 2016 Set of Fixing Clips 6000-MK00 Designed & produced by NIK Design Ltd FM 39602

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8471.60.00 -Input or output units, whether or not containing storage units in the same housing
55 No Keyboards
91 No Joystick/game pads
92 No Mouse/trackball