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Source Measure Units - SMUs High Power System SourceMeter SMU Instrument
Manufacturer: Tektronix

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Product Category
Source Measure Units - SMUs
Source Meter Function
Current/Voltage Source
Output Power
180 W
Source Voltage Range
200 V to ± 3 kV
Source Current Range
1 nA to ± 120 mA
Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year
No Svhc (12 - Jan - 2017)
Plug Type
Eu, Swiss, Uk
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Datasheet 2657A High Power System SourceMeter SMU Instrument The 2657A is a high voltage, high power, low current Key Features source measure unit (SMU) instrument that delivers Source or sink up to 180W of DC or pulsed power unprecedented power, precision, speed, flexibility, (3000V 20mA, 1500V 120mA). and ease of use to improve productivity in R&D, production test, and reliability environments. The 2657A 1fA low current resolution. is designed specifically for characterizing and testing Dual 22-bit precision ADCs and dual 18-bit 1s per high voltage electronics and power semiconductors, point digitizers for high accuracy and high speed such as diodes, FETs, and IGBTs, as well as other transient capture. components and materials in which high voltage, fast Fully TSP compliant for easy system integration with response, and precise measurements of voltage and Series 2600B System SourceMetermodels. current are required. The 2657A offers the highest power Combines a precision power supply, current source, and best low current performance in the industry. It is DMM, arbitrary waveform generator, V or I pulse supported by the industrys most powerful parametric generator, electronic 18-bit load, and trigger controller characterization software platforms to grow with you as all in one instrument. your applications evolve. Includes TSP Express characterization software, The 2657A offers highly flexible, four-quadrant voltage and LabVIEW driver, and Keithleys Test Script Builder current source/load coupled with precision voltage and software development environment. current meters. It can be used as a: Semiconductor characterization instrument V or I waveform generator +120 mA V or I pulse generator +60 mA Precision power supply with V and I readback +20 mA True current source 0 mA 20 mA Digital multimeter (DCV, DCI, ohms, and power with 60 mA 6-digit resolution) Precision electronic load 120 mA 3 kV 1.5 kV 0 kV +1.5 kV +3 kV The 2657A can source or sink up to 3000V 20mA or 1500V 120mA.Datasheet Expansion Capabilities Typical Applications Through TSP-Link Technology technology, the 2657A can Power semiconductor device characterization be linked with Series 2600B SMU instruments to form a and testing larger integrated system with up to 32 nodes. Precision Characterization of GaN, SiC, and other timing and tight channel synchronization are guaranteed compound materials and devices with built-in 500ns trigger controllers. The fully isolated, Breakdown and leakage testing to 3kV independent channels of the SourceMeter SMU instruments make true SMU-per-pin testing possible. Characterization of sub-millisecond transients Two Measurement Modes: Digitizingor Integrating Precisely characterize transient and steady-state behavior, including rapidly changing thermal effects, with the two measurement modes in the 2657A. Each mode is defined 2657A-PM-200 2657A by its independent analog-to-digital (A/D) converters. 26xxB The digitizing measurement mode provides speeds up to 1s per sample. The dual 18-bit digitizers allow you to capture voltage and current transients simultaneously. 2657A-LIM-3 In the integrating measurement mode, the dual 22-bit integrating analog to digital converters allow more precise The 2657A can be combined with Series 2600B and 4200-SCS SMU measurement of voltage and current. Two A/D converters instruments to support multi-terminal test capability. The 2657A-PM-200 are used with each measurement mode, one for current Protection Module and 2657A-LIM-3 Low Interconnect Module make it easier to connect multiple instruments to a probe station safely (not and the other for voltage, that run simultaneously for required for connecting to the 8010 High Power Device Test Fixture). accurate source readback that does not sacrifice testthroughput. High Power Device Test Fixture The dual high speed A/D converters sample as fast as 1s per point, enabling full simultaneous characterization The 8010 High Power Device Test Fixture provides of both voltage and current. safe and easy connections for testing p ackaged high power devices at up to 3000V or 100A. The 8010 0.0010 700 provides connections for a high voltage SourceMeter 0.0008 600 0.0006 SMU instrument (2657A), one or two high current Current 500 0.0004 SourceMeter SMU instruments (2651A), and three low Voltage 0.0002 400 power SourceMeter SMU instruments (Series 2600B or 0.0000 300 0.0002 4200-SCS SMU instruments). This allows devices with 0.0004 200 two terminals (diodes) or three terminals (transistors) 0.0006 100 or even four or five terminals to be characterized safely 0.0008 0 and accurately. The 8010 has full interlock capability for 0.0010 0.0012 100 up to six SourceMeter SMU instruments. The 8010 has 0.000 0.005 0.010 0.015 0.020 0.025 0.030 integrated protection circuits that protect the low voltage Time (seconds) SourceMeter SMU instruments from high voltages the The dual high speed A/D converters sample as fast as 1s per point, 2657A can output should a device fault occur. The 8010 enabling full simultaneous characterization of both voltage and current. includes both a high current (100A) and a high voltage (3000V) test socket. Various replacement test socket 2 TEK.COM Current (A) Voltage (V)

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