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TB6613FTG(O,8,EL) electronic component of Toshiba

Toshiba Motor Motion Ignition Controllers & Drivers 6V Multi channel full-bridge Drvr

Manufacturer: Toshiba
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Motor/Motion/Ignition Controllers & Drivers
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Motor / Motion / Ignition Controllers & Drivers
Pmic - Power Management Ics
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TB6613FTG TOSHIBA BiCD Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TB6613FTG DC and Stepping Motor Driver The TB6613FTG is a DC motor driver IC using LDMOS output transistors with low ON-resistance. The TB6613FTG incorporates five PWM constant-current H-bridge drivers, of which four drivers can be used for micro stepping motor drives of up to two stepping motors. The TB6613FTG is best suited to control various lens actuators in digital still cameras. The three-wire serial interface provides control over the drivers, thus reducing the number of lines required for interfacing with the control IC. Weight: 0.05 g (typ.) Features Motor power supply voltage: VM 6 V (max) Control power supply voltage: V = 3 V to 5.5 V CC Output current: I 0.8 A (max) OUT Complementally P- and N-channel LDMOS output transistors Output ON-resistance: R (upper and lower sum) = 1.5 ( VM = V = 5 V typ.) ON CC Channels A, B, C and D Four H-bridge drivers capable of PWM constant-current control Supports up to two two-phase bipolar stepping motors (STMs) or up to four actuators. Each channel is individually configurable for either H-Bridge mode or STM Step mode via the serial interface. In STM Step mode, the micro stepping resolution is selectable from 6 bits (256 steps per full cycle) or 1 bit (8 steps per full cycle). Channel E One PWM constant-current driver The constant-current reference voltage (Vref) is programmable via the internal 6-bit DAC. Other Features Each channel has a DAC for setting constant-current values (Channels A to D = 2 bits in H-Bridge mode and 2 bits 6 bits in Step mode Channel E = 6 bits) Dedicated standby (power-save) pin Thermal shutdown (TSD) Undervoltage lockout (UVLO): Resets and disables the internal circuitry when V falls below 2.2 V (typ.). CC Small VQON44 package (0.4-mm lead pitch) Note: This product has a MOS structure and is sensitive to electrostatic discharge. When handling this product, ensure that the environment is protected against electrostatic discharge by using an earth strap, a conductive mat and an ionizer. Ensure also that the ambient temperature and relative humidity are maintained at reasonable levels. 1 2012-01-30 TB6613FTG Block Diagram CK DATA LD GND STBY V CC 28 27 29 7 8 5 Standby UVLO MCK 6 12-bit serial (2.2 V) decoder 31 VM1 PWMA 36 AO1 H-bridge Pre- H-Bridge 33 /CK1 control driver A 34 AO2 PWM Step MO1 30 timer decoder 1 2-bit 35 RFA DAC1 6-bit 39 BO1 DAC H-bridge Pre- H-Bridge PWMB control driver B 32 37 BO2 /EN1 PWM timer 38 RFB 1/N 25 VM2 PWMC /CK2 20 CO1 H-bridge Pre- H-Bridge 23 control driver C 22 CO2 PWM Step MO2 26 timer decoder 2 2-bit 21 RFC DAC2 6-bit 17 DO1 DAC H-bridge Pre- H-Bridge PWMD control driver D 24 19 DO2 /EN2 PWM timer 18 RFD 1/N TSD 3 VM3 V ref (0.3 V) 42 EO1 H-bridge Pre- H-Bridge control driver E PWME 4 40 EO2 PWM 6-bit timer DAC 41 RFE 1/N 1 FO1 H-bridge Pre- H-Bridge control driver F PWMF 2 43 FO2 44 PGND1 9 VM4 15 GO1 H-bridge Pre- H-Bridge control driver G PWMG 10 16 GO2 14 PGND2 12 HO1 H-bridge Pre- H-Bridge control driver H PWMH 11 13 HO2 2 2012-01-30

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