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05480223001 electronic component of Wera

Screwdriver bit 1/4 (C6,3mm); Pozidriv cross; 25mm; Blade: PZ3

Manufacturer: Wera
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Product Category
Screwdrivers, Nut Drivers & Socket Drivers
Kind Of Screwdriver Bit
Pozidriv Cross
Screwdriver Bit Features
Working Part Covered Titanium Nitride, Increased Hardness And Abrasion Resistance
Type Of Tool
Screwdriver Bit 1/4 (C6,3Mm)
Blade Size
Screwdriver Bit Length
25 mm
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The 05480223001 with Screwdriver bit 1/4 (C6, 3mm); Pozidriv cross; 25mm; Blade: PZ3 manufactured by Wera is a versatile screwdriver bit designed specifically for Pozidriv cross head screws. It is made of high quality German steel, and features a 25mm blade with a special PZ3 profile. The blade has a C6, 3mm diameter, which makes it a great fit for most 1/4” screwdrivers. The bevelled design on the tip helps to reduce the risk of the screwdriver bit slipping from the screw and damaging material or, in the worst cases, hurting an operator. This bit is ideal for tasks like fixing door hinges, cupboard handles, door catches and many more.

Tariff Desc

8204.11.00 TC 9810512 SPANNERS, drop forged

8205.40.00 TC 0844020 SCREWDRIVERS

8204.11.00 TC 0405019 HAND TOOLS, being EITHER of the following
(a) allen key sets
(b) hex keys

8204.12.00 TC 0110440 SPANNERS AND WRENCHES, adjustable, non calibrated

8204.20.00 TC 0009108 SOCKETS AND/OR SOCKET ACCESSORIES, being ANY of the following
(a) sockets
(b) reducers
(c) tommy bars with sliding T handles
(d) extensions
(e) ratchets with coupler
(f) reversible ratchets
(g) couplers
(h) universal joints
(i) L-handles
(j) speed braces
(k) converters
(l) swivel handles
(m) driving handles socket drivers
(n) ratchet adaptors