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ZTTCS10.00MT electronic component of YIC

Resonator: ceramic; 10MHz; SMD; 4.7x4.1x1.6mm; ±0.5%

Manufacturer: YIC
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10 MHz
± 0.5 %
Temperature Stability
± 0 , 4 %
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The ZTTCS10.00MT is a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) module manufactured by YIC. It is a 2.5GHz VCO that operates in a wide frequency range of 600MHz~3.0GHz. It has a low phase noise of -115dBc/Hz at 10MHz offset and high linearity of 98dBc. The VCO is offered in a small 4-pad (2.9 * 2.9mm SQ) package, making it ideal for use in high-density PCBs. The module also includes calibration resistors, which allows the VCO to be easily tuned and optimized for the specific application.

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8541.60.00 25 No - Mounted piezo-electric crystals Free