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11 Mar 2024

RTS Series of Ring Terminal Temperature Sensors consist of an NTC chip thermistor mounted in an eyelet tag for surface temperature measurement.
Sensing element electrically isolated from eyelet
Eyelet configurations to fit M3, M3.5, M4, M5, M6 screw sizes
Range of wire lengths available from 50 mm to 2,000 mm
Epoxy coated NTC thermistor chip
Ring Terminal material tin plated copper
Lead wire 28AWG XLPE insulated tin plated copper
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18 Dec 2023

USB3CFTV is a ruggedized solution for USB Type-C standard connectors.Based on MIL-DTL-38999 series III type, plugs, and receptacles are mated thanks to a Tri-Start thread coupling mechanism. This solution strengthens and protects your devices against fluids, dust, shocks, and disconnection due to vibrations. The assembly of your standard USB type-C cordset into our ruggedized plugs does not require any tool and can be easily performed on the field. In addition, reversibility for data and power ..
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28 Nov 2023

M5 Connectors are the smallest and lightest connectors from M series suitable for miniature sensor and other applications with extreme limitation in space.
These screw locking threaded connectors meet the IEC 61076-2-105 standard and are available in preassembly overmolded straight, right angle, and receptacles from 3 to 4 contacts, with upgrade option to UHD (Ultra High Density) upon request. ALTW's M5 Connectors operates in 1A/60V and equipped with IP67, IP68 and IP69K Ingress Protectio..
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11 Sep 2023

Using Amphenol Pcd's Band Lock Adapter is another method of termination of screens. A high quality band will do the job in this backshell. Tempered bands are tightened over the shields, which is pulled over the banding area, using special assembly tools. Suitable over cover by heat shrink boot or some other method as chosen by the designer could be used. Both crimp ring and banded terminations give a low DC resistance.
Both individual and overall shieldings can be terminated in this type ..
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01 May 2023

MDPFTV is a complete ruggedized solution around Mini DisplayPort standard using a Tri Start Thread coupling mechanism (MIL-DTL-38999 series III type) to connect the two plug and receptacle parts. This solution allows you to insert a standard Mini DP cordset into a metallic plug which will protect it from shocks, dust and fluids. The assembly of this ruggedized plug does not require any tool and can be easily done directly on the field.
Main characteristics :<..
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