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10 Jul 2023

The new series of cylindrical electrochemical double-layer capacitors offers automotive grade, qualified by AEC-Q200, solutions with high capacitance and very low ESR. Used by themselves or in conjunction with primary or secondary batteries, they provide extended back up time, longer battery life, and provide instantaneous power pulses as needed. Offers great solutions to Hold-Up, Energy Harvesting, and Pulse Power Applications.
Vdc 2.7V
Cap values from 10F – ..
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13 Mar 2023

Kyocera AVX is a leading manufacturer in developing cutting edge crystal products such as crystal units and crystal oscillators by utilizing the full capability of quartz crystals. Kyocera AVX has experience supplying a wide variety of crystal devices globally contributing to the evolution of IoT era. Kyocera AVX has a wide variety of ultra miniature, high accuracy and wide temperature range operating crystal units. The Z-series and K-series utilizes a common platform design covering case si..
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