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13 Nov 2023

DIN Rail Terminal Block - Low Voltage Products and Systems Connection Devices Terminal Blocks SNA Series MA2.5/5 Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks - Feed-through - Grey,Flexibility: snap onto symmetrical and asymmetrical rails, - Many colors a re available in addition to our generic grey to help you quickly identify any specific functions.
Rated Cross-Section: 2.5 mm²
Spacing: 5 mm
Connection Type: Screw clamp
Function: Feed-through
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17 Apr 2023

TE Connectivity (TE)’s Aluminum Housed Resistor Type HCL Series are designed in a ultra slim package capable of dissipating high power where space is at a premium and heat sinking is available. The resistor is capable of absorbing high overloads in relation to its size. Aluminum Housed Resistor Type HCL Series are ideal for use in servo drives & controllers and frequency inverters. They are used for motor braking, dummy loads and in conventional power resistor applications.
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27 Mar 2023

We have combined all the features pioneered in our original PRO-CRIMPER hand tools with the versatility of an even more robust design to create the revolutionary SDE Crimp commercial tool system. SDE Crimp minimizes the need for multiple types of hand tools thanks to its Standard Die Envelope (SDE) die sets, which are easily interchangeable from manual to power-assisted tools depending on your needs. An enhanced tool frame also delivers greater operator comfort, efficiency and crimping quality...
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09 Jan 2023

Extrusion EMI Gasket in solid round and tube shape having conductive strip of fluorosilicone binding, filled with nickel plated graphite and Silver Plated Aluminum material with 1 - 10 meter length. Extruded EMI Gasket, Conductive Strip, Silicone Binding, Nickel Plated Graphite (Ni/C) Filler, Solid Round, 1 m [3.28 ft] Long, Kemtron 1201 Series.
Product Features
Gasket Type: Extruded EMI Gasket
Finished Type: Conductive Strip
Binding Material: Silicone
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14 Nov 2022

The MRSS addresses manual programming applications. These high-quality rotary DIP switches are available in size 7.7mm square (horizontal) and 7.2mm square (vertical) for a wide range of possible applications like elevator and security system. Meanwhile the compact design offers 50% lower profile than standard DIP switches and save space around 40% PCB area. In addition, MRD Series provide more options for terminal, hexadecimal or binary code, with or without complement types to fulfill the var..
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