Antenna accessories are components used to improve antenna performance or enhance antenna usability. These accessories include antenna mountings and brackets, antenna coaxial cables, feedhorn adapters and connectors, surge protectors, filters, lightning arrestors, and polarizers. Antenna mounts and brackets are used to secure the antenna to a structure and to create an optimal antenna orientation. Coaxial cables are used to reduce RF energy losses between the transceiver and the antenna. Feedhorn adapters and connectors are used to mate different antenna types and increase antenna efficiency. Surge protectors protect the antenna and other components by diverting any lightning induced currents away from them. Filters can be used to reduce unwanted signals that interfere with the communication link. Lightning arrestors are used to protect the antenna from high voltage surges due to lightning strikes. Polarizers are used to reduce the amount of the cross polarization caused by the antenna. Antenna accessories are essential for antenna operation and performance. They provide protection, reduce interference, and enable optimal antenna orientation.

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    Antenna Accessories MOUNT,BMM,3/8,58U,MU HFM
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