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Adeunis Société anonyme manufactures and sells connected devices for Internet Of Things (IoT) BtoB business sectors worldwide. The company offers products, such as pulse for impulse interface, dry contacts, analog and analog PWR for analog interface, MODBUS and TIC for serial interface, sensors for temperature reading, and modems. It also provides devices for network infrastructure, such as field test devices, repeaters, receivers, dongles, and gateways; and ready-to-use wireless solutions. The company’s connected systems allow its customers to optimize the processes and services, and the management of their buildings. It offers its products under the adeunis and VOKKERO brands through distributors to the industrial and service sectors, such as the construction, maritime, security, nuclear, asbestos removal, and other sectors, as well as various environments that are risky or difficult to communicate in. Adeunis Société anonyme is based in Crolles, France.

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