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CNR is specialized researches and develops and produces sales in the anti-radar part innovation the supply manufacturer. CNR product contains surging absorber (Varistor), the electricity wells up protector (SPD), the negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC Thermistor) with the gaseous tube (Gas Discharge Tube) and so on the components, provides the customer best electron protection. CNR product has various countries' most Xinan gauges and the European Union environmental protection rules and regulations request and so on the UL, CSA, VDE, CQC, simultaneously has also had ISO9001 as well as the IATF16949 complete quality control, the endeavour brings a more perfect product. CNR provides the customer safe high quality product, and has the design, the development, the end product examination and confirmation production ability, also can depend on the different design demand to satisfy the guest to make, brings more conveniences for the customer.

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