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Cyrod Technologies is a fabless semiconductor and embedded systems company specializing in microcontrollers and development tools for embedded control, communications, and PCI Express connectivity. Cyrod Technologies was founded in 2006, it acquired Ramtron’s 8051 production MCU business (formerly Goal Semiconductor) and has since developed new products to provide a full range of both industry-standard pin compatible and feature enhanced MCU products. The embedded processor family is also augmented by innovative new tools for embedded system development and manufacturing including in system programming, PCI Express/PCI expansion, debug, and manufacturing tools. Cyrod Technologies' mandate is simple: Offer their customers and channel partners the most practical solutions for all their networking and MCU needs at the lowest cost available in the market today. The way Cyrod accomplishes this objective is by focusing their efforts and this singularity of purpose allows them wider latitudes of product support and lower costs than all their competitors. Cyrod’s approach provides seamless continuity and growth with the 8051 family thus making it simple and convenient for customers to remain with the 8051 family and avoid costly End Of Life (EOL) buys and architectural conversions. Simply stated, Cyrod can provide standard, drop-in, pin-to-pin and function to function compatible MCUs, as well as new, highly integrated 8051 microcontrollers with the most advanced features and with the best cost performance combination in the market today.

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