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Delkin Devices manufactures industrial Flash storage solutions for embedded industrial applications that include Industrial CF (CompactFlash), Industrial SD (Secure Digital), Industrial microSD, Industrial SSD (Solid State Drive), and Industrial USB. Delkin’s Flash storage solutions are focused on environments where data integrity expectations are extremely high, where the Flash is relied on to boot an OS, load an application, or log critical data.
Delkin brings a dedicated, USA led design, manufacturing, and support model to service OEM requirements for rugged, controlled Flash storage solutions. Delkin is a leader in 100% BOM controlled life-cycle management, product customization, and an outstanding USA-based design. Its dedicated support team works collaboratively with OEMs, optimizing the right Flash technology to ensure host architecture compatibility, meeting application workload requirements, and exceeding OEM expectations. Delkin partners with manufacturers worldwide in the aerospace, military, telecommunications, industrial, medical, gaming, and automotive industries, as well as diverse OEM embedded systems applications.

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