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Fascomp is the world's leading supplier of fine quality, aggressively priced electronic hardware, boasting the world's largest inventory. Fascomp products are sold throughout the world predominately through its worldwide network of Distributors. Fascomp are extremely proficient at producing customer specific screw machine products quickly and at very competitive prices as well. With 40 years in the business, the managing partners have extensive knowledge of electronic hardware and its applications. Their Products are available in American Standard (ASE) and Metric sizes and standard sizes are available off the shelf. Their inventory includes Male-Female Standoffs, Female Standoffs, Male-Male Standoffs, Square Female Standoffs, Swage Standoffs, Spacers, Swage Spacers, Jack Screws, Ferrules, Captive Panel Screws, Retainers, Thumb Screws, Thumb Nuts, Precision Slotted Shoulder Screws, Precision Socket Head Shoulder Screws, Handles, and Chassis Fasteners. The company offer its parts in Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel and Nylon. A wide range of decorative and protective finishes are offered as well. Fascomp's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produce custom parts quickly. Minimums are low and prices are attractive. Odd sizes?..... Small quantities?.... in a Hurry? Ask about our "Quick Delivery Department"; they are ready to help when those "crisis" situations surface. Their well trained sales staff will offer you a level of customer service that truly sets Fascomp apart from the competition. They are happy to cross reference any competitor's part numbers and provide excellent customer support.

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