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Gan Systems live in a data and energy driven world increasingly defined by power-reliant industries including data centers, electric vehicles, renewable energy systems, industrial motors, and consumer electronics. These businesses have long faced formidable and universal challenges around energy wasted in power conversion, as well as the size limitations placed on overall product design by the old generation ecosystem of power system components. Yesterday’s silicon has reached its limits. GaN technology is the clear and undisputed solution for today and tomorrow. GaN Systems’ approach to a new generation of GaN power transistors is leading an industry-changing shift in both the short-term and ‘near future’ relationship between technology’s power systems and energy–creating significant product and system-wide changes. Design engineers are building power systems that are: one-quarter the power loss one-quarter the size one-quarter the weight and less expensive than silicon-based solutions For corporate leaders, GaN not only changes their company’s immediate relationship with power; it can alter the competitive trajectory of the entire business through the creation of whole new classes of products, systems, and sustainability initiatives.

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