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HUMMEL AG develops, constructs, manufactures, electroplates, galvanizes, and assembles electro-mechanical devices, housing technology, and electronics for medical, measurement, and control technology fields worldwide. It offers industrial cable glands and accessories for brass, stainless steel, and plastics industries; heavy-duty hazardous areas cable glands for oil platforms, gas production plants, and offshore applications; industrial ex cable glands for polyamide, brass, and stainless steel industries; circular plug-in connectors for industry, transport, power generation, shipbuilding, and medicine industries; and conduit systems, such as cable protection systems for industrial applications. It offers empty, and processed and assembled enclosures of polycarbonate, ABS, aluminum, polyester, steel, and stainless steel; heating equipment and accessories; temperature regulators for heating circuits; optical sensors, thread monitors, and individual special solutions; precision turned parts for turned and machined components; battery chargers; and cable pre-assembles, such as drive mechanism and control cables, and power connectors. It offers subassembly development and manufacturing, power electronics for high output current, measuring technology and controls, and software development and solutions for visual display via PC; customized operating control panels and front panels; medical devices and software; system solutions; electronic subassemblies and devices; ventilating valves; components for instance heating circuit distributors, electronics and automobile component suppliers, musical instruments, and optoelectronics; and fittings for bathroom and heating units. It sells its products through a sales representative in Poland, as well as sales distributors worldwide. HUMMEL AG was founded in 1948 and is based in Denzlingen, Germany with additional offices in China, Brazil, India, Italy, Hungary, Russia, England, France, and Sweden.

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