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Since 1938, the name Industrial Timer® on a product has been an assurance of quality and performance. Through product development and acquisition, Industrial Timer Company has expanded its line to meet the increasing need of industry for reliable devices... components that do what they say they will do. In our hectic world, Industrial Timer equipment helps make things just a little easier. 24-Hour Shipping - most unmodified products are shipped the day following receipt of order, with every effort made to ship others within two days. Stocking Program - a three month's inventory of all active, standard products assures prompt attention to customer requests. The almost 120 products covered represent about 90 percent of applications. Same-Only-Different - stock timing devices and counters requiring modification for customer's application usually are shipped within two weeks of order receipt. Modifications include different voltages and frequencies, or diferent time ranges. Stocking Distributors - ITC is represented by a chain of more than 300 distributors throughout the United States. Other distributors are located in Canada and Puerto Rico. Some distributors are equipped to modify cam timers. And, of course, all distributors are backed by ITC's engineering department. Service And Repair - although all ITC timers, counters and elapsed time indicators are built to rigid standards, mechanical units sometimes require servicing or repair. All ITC products are manufactured, serviced and repaired at their Centerbrook, Connecticut facility. ITC products are classified as 'high precision,' 'standard' and 'basic' reflecting the preciseness built into them. A major purpose of this classification is to enable you to select the unit that best fits your requirements - without paying for performance or features you don't need. Ever since its founding in Parsippany, New Jersey over 70 years ago, ITC has worked to provide industry with reliable, trouble-free products. To this end, they have built a range of high quality devices so broad that it frequently overlaps the products of other manufacturers, enabling them to provide genuine, time-tested ITC products as substitutes for other brands.

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