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JIAXING GLEAD ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. develops, produces, and sells microwave communications components. The company offers MWDC components and satellite navigation components that include dielectric filters, hybrid dielectric filters, multilayer balanced filters, and LC filters, as well as multilayer band pass, low pass, and multilayer high pass filters; TE, TM, and DRT dielectric resonators; and dielectric duplexers and combiners, LC and EOC duplexers, and multilayer duplexers and couplers, as well as EOC duplexers, jumpers, bypass systems, and mixers. It also provides GPS, GSM, RFID, CMMB, and other passive antennas, as well as DVB-T antennas; GPS, DAB, and other active antennas, as well as compass antennas; GPS, CMMB, and other combination antennas; GPS, compass, BT, CMMB, and multilayer modules; mini end products, such as GPS handheld receivers, receivers, and transmitters, as well as G-mouse systems; and multilayer baluns. The company was founded in 1994 and is based in Jiaxing, China. As of July 3, 2015, JIAXING GLEAD ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. operates as a subsidiary of Beijing BDStar Navigation Co., Ltd.

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