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Natural Intelligence Semiconductor (NIS) is a brand new fabless semiconductor startup company that is developing the next generation processor device called the NNP, or Natural Neural Processor. The NNP embodies a unique architectural design that exhibits properties that enable the human neocortex to outperform machines in most applications. This architecture promises to move beyond the constraints of conventional architectures and deliver disruptive performance in artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytic applications. The NNP enables innovative computational approaches in neuromorphic computing, machine learning, large scale graph analytics, bioinformatics and others. Since the 1940s, computer science has been guided by the computer architecture conceived by John Von Neumann. The Von Neumann machine architecture restricts how computational scientists develop solutions for today’s problems in AI, machine learning and other fields such as bioinformatics, financial services, cybersecurity and more. The Natural Neural Processor (NNP) is a non-Von Neumann machine and allows computational approaches that are not limited by the processor architecture but are well aligned with natural human intelligence. The NNP enables truly revolutionary and disruptive innovation in brain inspired computation at a time when the challenges and limits on conventional architectures are growing exponentially. Breaking these boundaries will cause artificial intelligence to evolve to “natural intelligence”! Natural Intelligence is developing the semiconductors, system boards and the software necessary to exploit the Natural Neural Processor in a system. The NIS software tool chain is comprehensive and includes compilers, API's and drivers to enable the technology in customers’ systems.

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