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OMTER GROUP LIMITED, Including WENZHOU LINP TRADING CO., LTD. and YUEQING OMTER ELEC&TECH COMPANY LTD. YUEQING OMTER ELEC&TECH COMPANY LTD. is a factory special in manufacturing knob, potentiometer and joystick and dealing with domestic business . WENZHOU LINP TRADING CO., LTD. is responsible for the production of their company and various products of other companies import and export business. They have Strong technical force, with excellent supporting mold and injection molding equipment, professional technical personnel, with new product design, development and production capacity. Advanced production equipment, complete testing hand side, strict quality control, is a professional manufacturer of knobs. Their TYXN knob according to the material difference have plastic knob, Bakelite knob, metal knob, aluminum knob and so on. According to the function difference, they have potentiometer knob, Radio push knob, Sound plastic components,sound knob, dial knob, instrumentation knob, electronic knob, switch knob, welding knob and so on. Meanwhile, they also could make knob as per customers need. Their products are widely used in Security Industry of control the keyboard, move the camera and CCTV control systems, test equipment, measurement control, medical imaging control system, automatic machine control, video editing and production equipment, industrial and scientific use of instruments, wheelchair control, printing equipment, satellite, aviation , aerospace, marine, missiles, remote connector, operating robots, medical equipment, etc. ...... Their products are popular in America, Europe. Japan, Korea and so on.

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