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MH Connectors is a leader in the design, worldwide manufacture and marketing of I/O interconnect products including their extensive ranges of connectors, hoods and covers. Their manufacturing resources include an integrated facility capable of high volume throughout with precision moulding, stamping, plating and assembly. Tool design and maintenance are controlled by corporate staff. In addition, MH Connectors in-house hardware operation offers fast turn-around on connector hardware and custom packaging requirements. --//1599 Rhopoint Instruments is a UK based manufacturer of test equipment primarily focussed towards appearance quality. The company was founded in 1988 as a manufacturer of glossmeters. Since this time, the range has developed and grown to test not just gloss but many other parameters of total surface quality including orange peel / DOI, haze, texture, defect analysis, shade and opacity. Its handheld instruments are designed to be used in both research and development and production environments in numerous industries including: paints and coatings, automotive, yacht manufacturers, metal polishers, polished stone, smart phone, tablet PC and laptop covers, coil coaters, printing and graphic arts, powder coating, furniture and plastics. The Rhopoint MFFT –Minimum Film Forming Temperature measuring instrument is trusted by laboratory professionals in the leading global coatings manufacturers for measuring the temperature point of coalescence of a latex, emulsion or adhesive. Rhopoint Instruments is part of the Rhopoint group of companies all of which operate to ISO9001:2008Quality Management Systems. Other subsidiaries include: Rhopoint Components – distributor of precision electronic components and sensor products, established in 1975. Rhopoint Sourcing – Supports purchasing teams within many sectors of industry including, aerospace, transportation, medical, and industrial electronics by securing supply of obsolete, allocated, end of life and otherwise hard to find electronic components. Rhopoint Metrology – Established in 1978, Rhopoint Metrology (formerly Micron Metrology) is one of the leading providers of UKAS accredited calibration services in the UK offering both on and off site UKAS calibration to a range of industries including; aerospace, transportation, manufacturing, automotive, telecommunications and medical.

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