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Bumpers and Leveling Elements Bumper Black Polyurethane Adhesive 16mm

Manufacturer: 3M
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MOQ : 1000
Multiples : 1000
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Gate Drivers
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Search I Keywords, part numbers, etc All 3M Products Innovation Explore 3M United States [1f': Chang it Electronics Products I Industry Solutions I Market Segments I Resources Contact U - 1 1 3M Bumpon Protective Products SJ5027 Black, 1000 per case M M 3M 10 70070079952 UPC# 00021200184567 3M Product Number SJ-5027-Biack 3M Product Number SJ5027-BK @ Print ~ Share Need Help? LvJ Network Access Message; The. l=!ag,_.e __ _ 3M Bumpon Protective Product SJ5027 is a self-adhesive Questions? We can help rubber bumper designed to be used as feet, stops and Contact Us spacers. The hemispherical shape provides excellent sound damping and energy absorption. Black, 0.630 in. wide x .312 in. high. All 3M Bumpon Protective Products feature a plasticizer free, urethane composition which exhibits: Easy application with 3M pressure sensitive adhesives. High skid-resistance. Won't scratch or stain surfaces. Reduces vibration and noise. Will not crack or harden. B~ Overview Documents Suggested Applications Use almost anywhere slamming, scratching, nicking, scuffing, marring, sliding, vibration, or noise could be a problem for your product. Feet on the bottom of small appliances, desktop or handheld electronic devices, electronic cabinetry, telephones, keyboards, foot pedals, scales, clocks, speakers, dispensers, and computers, Stops for cabinet doors, lids, and drawers, Spacers for picture frames to provide alignment; for electronics and automotive applications and aid in assembly, Protectors to prevent damage in shipping, and keep parts from direct contact with each other, Product Attributes Adhesive Type Natural Rubber (R30) Application Dampen Noise/Reduce Vibration Availability Stocked Backing Material Polyurethane Black Color Diameter 0.630 Inch (metric) 16.0 Millimetre Diameter Hardness 72 Shore M Height 0.312 Inch (metric) Height 7. 9 Millimetre Height-Thickness Range 0.300 - 0.399 in Height-Thickness Range 7.0- 7.9 mm (metric) Market Segment All Markets, Automotive, General Industrial Primary liner 60# Super Calendered Kraft Product Form Molded Product Series SJ5027 Shape Circular-Hemisphere ABS, Acrylic, Glass, Metals, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Substrate Polypropylene, Wood Width-Diameter Range 0.600 - 0.699 in Width-Diameter Range 10.0- 19.9 mm (metric) Product Disclaimer The technical information and data shown on this page should be considered representative or typical only and should not be used for specification purposes, 3M products shown on this website may not be available in all geographic regions or may not be available at this time, Please contact your local sales representative to determine product availability, 3M: News I Careers I Investor Relations I MSDS Search I Transport Information Search I AZ Product Index I Contact 3~1 3~1 2013. All Rights Reserve Legal Information I Privacy Policy _ _ j ~ X-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for Gate Drivers category: Click to view products by 3M manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : 00028 00053P0231 8967380000 56956 CR7E-30DB-3.96E(72) 57.404.7355.5 LT4936 57.904.0755.0 5801-0903 5803-0901 5811-0902 5813-0901 58410 00576P0030 00581P0070 5882900001 00103P0020 00600P0005 00-9050-LRPP 00-9090-RDPP 5951900000 01- 1003W-10/32-15 LTILA6E-1S-WH-RC-FN12VXCR1 0131700000 00-2240 LTP70N06 LVP640 0158-624-00 5J0-1000LG-SIL 020017-13 LY1D-2-5S-AC120 LY2-0-US-AC120 LY2-US-AC240 LY3-UA-DC24 00-5150 00576P0020 00600P0010 LZNQ2M-US-DC5 LZNQ2- US-DC12 LZP40N10 00-8196-RDPP 00-8274-RDPP 00-8275-RDNP 00-8609-RDPP 00-8722-RDPP 00-8728-WHPP 00-8869-RDPP 00- 9051-RDPP 00-9091-LRPP 00-9291-RDPP

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