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Constant Current LED Driver

Manufacturer: AC Electronics
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AC Electronics

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AC Electronics
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Constant Current LED Driver Model Number AC-40CD1.4APKV AC-40CD1.4APBKV Programmable, AC-40CD1.4APMZ (Pending UL Approval) Digital, Wide-Range Ajustable Current & Dimming Input Voltage: 120 -277 V Type TL Rated Input Frequency: 50/60Hz Side and Bottom Mount /Leads Options ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Min PF T Min, Output Input Input Max THD Output Output Efcifi ency Dimming Dimming (full case Star ting Power Power Current (full load) Voltage Current Up To Protocol Range load) Ma x Temp 10 to 0.4A 120V, 15 to 40 0 to 10 to 0 to 10V 47W >0.95 <20% 90C - 40C 85% 100% 40W 0.18A 277 V 55V 1400mA WIRING: PHYSICAL: B o t t om M o unt Mod el No: AC - 4 0 C D1.4AP B K V Dimensions Length Width Height Mounting Lead Lengths AC - 4 0 CD1.4APK V 5 . 23 2 .4 8 1.18 4. 8 4 B l a c k 5 .9 B l u e 5 .9 P ur p l e 5 .9 AC - 4 0 CD1.4AP B K V 6 . 2 2 1.73 1.18 W hi t e 5 .9 Re d 5 .9 G r ay 5 .9 AC - 4 0 C D1.4A PM Z 9. 5 1. 26 1.17 SAFETY: Tref Max Value (C) Tc/Tref Value (C) Ta/ Value (C) I n pu t /O u t pu t I so l at ion C l a s s A s o u n d r a t i n g 90 58.2 40 F CC T i t l e 47 C F R P a r t 15 O ve r l o ad P ro t e c t i o n S u r g e P ro t e c t i o n ( 2 K V ) O p e n / S h o r t C i rc u i t P ro t e c t i o n L E D d r i ve r h a s a l i f e e x p e c t a n c y o f 5 0 , 0 0 0 h o u r s a t Tc a s e o f 75C The LED Driver Type TL Progr am is intended to assist you in gaining L E D d r i ve r h a s a l i f e e x p e c t a n c y o f greater market access for your LED drivers. This ser vice is also intended to assist end-product LED Luminaire manufacturers improve their speed- 10 0 , 0 0 0 h o u r s a t Tc a s e o f 65C to -market by making it easy to source a compliant LED Driver. Wa r r a n t y : 5 y r s b a s e d o n m a x c a s e E328847 t e m p o f < 75C 3 y r s b a s e d o n m a x Class 2 c a s e t e m p o f 9 0 C * INSTALLATION: I P 6 6 H a r s h We a t h e r p ro o f L E D d r i ve r s s h a l l b e i n s t a l l e d i n s i d e e l e c t r i c a l e n c l o s u re s M a x Re m o t e i n s t a l l a t i o n d i s t a n c e i s 18 f t 18 AWG 6 0 0V/10 5C t i n n e d s t r a n d e d co p p e r l e ad - w i re s a re re q u i re d f o r L E D d r i ve r c a s e s s h o u l d b e g ro u n d e d in s t al l at ion *AC Electronics/AC LED Power Designs warr ants to the purchaser that each LED Driver will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of 5 years when oper ated at ma x case temp of up to <75C 3 years from date of manufacture when oper ated at a ma x case temp of up to 90C when properly inst alled and under normal conditions of use. See aceleds .com for complete warr ant y policy. 3401 Avenue D, Arlington, TX 76011 800-375-6355 RoHS Data is based upon tests performed by AC Electronics in a controlled environment and representative performance. Actual performance can vary COMPLIANT depending on operating conditions. Specifications are subject to change without notice. All specifications are nominal unless otherwise noted. LEAD -FREE 2 015 Re v i s e d 01/ 0 5 / 2 015IOUT/VOUT CURVE U s e w i t h N F C -V Re a d e r A p p Av a i l a b l e F r e e a t G o o g l e A p p S t o r e 60 55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 1.2 1.4 1.6 Output Current A CONTROL THE IOUT WITH THE PROGRAMMING WAND. DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE FROM

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