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Video Modules 4-CH PCI Express X 4 Gen2 GigE Grabber with total POE Power up to 60W, POE Protection, POE Power Management
Manufacturer: ADLINK Technology

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ADLINK Technology

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ADLINK Technology
Product Category
Video Modules
Video Cards
Operating Supply Voltage
3.3 V
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 70 C
167.6 Mm X 106.6 Mm
Pcie - Gie72/74
Adlink Technology
Minimum Operating Temperature
0 C
Operating Supply Current
3 A
Product Type
Camera & Video Modules
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Embedded Solutions
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Building Forward Together PCIe-GIE7x Series 2/4CH PCI Express GigE Vision PoE+ Frame Grabbers with PoE Power Management & Protection, ToE and Software License Management Features PCI Express x4 compliant Support for 2/4 independent Gigabit Ethernet ports IEEE 802.3at for PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus) PoE protection and automated power budget control for enhanced asset protection Easy-to-use utility and API provided for PoE power management Multiple cards, multiple cameras, in a single system PCIe-GIE72 Wide operating temperature range from 0C to +70C, PCIe-GIE72 PRO supporting non-drop frame capture in extreme environments Up to 20/60/120W PoE power from PCIe bus/4-pin/6-pin Molex connector Powered Device (PD) auto detection and classification IEEE 1588 (PTP technology, hardware only) PCIe-GIE74 Hardware Trigger over Ethernet with Action Command PCIe-GIE74 PRO (PCIe-GIE 72/74 PRO only) Software License Management (PCIe-GIE 72/74 PRO only) Introduction Software Support ADLINK s PCIe-GIE72/74 PCI Express PoE+ frame grabber supports OS Information 2/4CH independent Gigabit Ethernet ports for multiple GigE Vision Windows 7/8.1/10 connections transferring up to 1 Gb/s per port. PoE+ provides Software Compatibility up to 30W power and automatic detection for stable, reliable C /VB.NET/VC++ connections, reducing costs, simplifying installation, and easing maintenance burdens. Ordering Information Multi-card Capture Capability Any number of PCIe-GIE7x series cards can be installed in a single PCIe-GIE72 system without occupying any I/O resources, for multicard single- 2-CH PCI Express Power over Ethernet Plus frame grabber system machine vision grabs. Wide operating temperature range PCIe-GIE74 supports integration with fanless computer for IA applications in 4-CH PCI Express Power over Ethernet Plus frame grabber harsh environments. PCIe-GIE72 PRO Comprehensive PoE Protection Secures Assets 2-CH PCI Express Power over Ethernet Plus frame grabber with Exclusive comprehensive PoE Protection prevents overcurrent and ToE and Software License Management overvoltage, and automated power budget control adjusts PoE PCIe-GIE74 PRO port power supply automatically, avoiding equipment damage. 4-CH PCI Express Power over Ethernet Plus frame grabber with ToE and Software License Management Smart PoE management Easy-to-use utility and API provide real-time PoE status monitoring and control, lowering maintenance costs and predicting possible failure in advance, while PoE power priority selection and Optional Accessories PoE-based power on/off support more demanding applications. PCIe-GIE72/4 I/O bracket License Management & ToE (Trigger Over Ethernet) 2/4 Trigger In Integrated software License Management and advanced FPGA-based Trigger over Ethernet synchronizing multi-camera acquisitions significantly reduce ownership costs.Specifications Model Name PCIe-GIE74 / PCIe-GIE74 PRO PCIe-GIE72 / PCIe-GIE72 PRO Form Factor PCI Express x4 4 fully-integrated Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Control 2 fully-integrated Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Control (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) ports. (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) ports. Ethernet Port PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus), IEEE 802.3at compliant, supporting 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4, providing up to 30W 9 kB jumbo frame support PoE Power Management Link Aggregation, IEEE 1588 (PTP technology) Multiple cards and multiple cameras Functions PoE Protection PoE Power Management Hardware Trigger over Ethernet with Action Command (PRO only) Software License Management (PRO only) 60W PoE: 0C to +70C (32F to 150F) Operating Environment Humidity: 5% to 90% RHNC (1)(2)(3) (1)(3) Power Requirements +3.3V max 3A +3.3V max 2.5A Dimensions 167.6 mm x 106.6 mm (6.6 x 4.2) (W x L) 167.6 mm x 106.6 mm (6.6 x 4.2) (W x L) Note: (1) Max 61.6W PoE power w/ ether 4-pin (+12V 6A) or 6-pin (+12V 6A) Molex connector. (2) Max 120W PoE power w/ both 4-pin (+12V 6A) and 6-pin (+12V 6A) Molex connector. (PCIe-GIE74 PRO only) (3) Max 20W PoE power w/ PCIe slot (+12V 2.1A). All products and company name listed are trademarks or trade names of their respective companies. Updated Nov. 4, 2016. 2016 ADLINK Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved. All specifications are subject to change without further notice.

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