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96MPI5S-2.3-6M11T1 electronic component of Advantech

CPU - Central Processing Units CORE 2.3G 6M 1151P 4 CORE I5-6500TE (35W)

Manufacturer: Advantech
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CPU - Central Processing Units
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Cpu - Central Processing Units
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Embedded Processors & Controllers
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96MPI5S-2.3-6M11T1 Intel Core i5-6500TE Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.30 GHz)) Features: Intel I5-6500TE Processor 4 Cores 6M cache Up to 3.30 GHz Intel HD Graphics 530 support 14NM 35W Specifications Advantech PN 96MPI5-2.3-6M11T1 Direct Media Interface 8GT/s Intel Ordering Code CM8066201938000 Socket Type N/A Intel Launch Date Q4 / 2015 Max Memory Size 64GB Code Name Skylake Tcase N/A DDR4-1866/2133 SPEC Code SR2LR DDR3L-1333/1600 Processor Number i5-6500TE Memory Type In 1.35Vtel HD of Cores 4 Graphic Processor Graphics 530 of Threads 4 Graphic Base Frequency 350MHz Cache 6MB 64-bits Support YES Clock Speed 2.3GHz Package Tray FSB (Front Side Bus) N/A Embedded Channel YES Tech. in Nanometer 14nm RoHs YES H110, H170 Max Design Power 35W Compatible Chipset Z170, B150 Compatible Motherboard Model Number Description N/A Learn more on PAPS Website Last updated: 05-Nov2015 All product specification and compatible chipset are subject to change without notice. Rev. 1.0 X-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for CPU - Central Processing Units category: Click to view products by Advantech manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : D8751H AT80612003090AAS LBWJ N87C51 IVPX7225-RTM-1 CM8063401286600S R1AK CM8063501374802S R1A5 CM8063501375101S R1A8 MATXM-CORE-411-HTSNK BGSF 1717MN26 E6327 BX80621E52620 S R0KW IVPX7225-02250813L D8086-2 CM8063401293902S R1A4 CM8063501374901S R1A6 CM8066201928505 SR2HT CM8063501293200S R1A0 CM8062301046008S R060 ATLASEDGE.1 AV8063801129600S R10F R0K5ML001SS00BR CM8066201921712S R2LF CM8064601467102S R152 CM8063701094000S R0TA CM8063501375800S R1AX CM8063401376400S R1A9 CM8063401293802S R1A3 CM8063401286102S R19S CM8062107185405S R0KM CM8066002032201S R2R6 CM8063501288301S R1AN COMX-300-HSP RTM- ATCA-7360 96MPI7-3.4-8M11T 96MPP-2.3-3M10T 96MPI7-3.4-8M11T1 96MPXE-2.0-15M20T 96MPI5-3.0-6M10T 96MPI5S-2.3- 6M11T1 FJ8066401715827S R2KG AFPC205 S R1Z1 DNCE2510 S LHCM FJ8066401715843S R2KH DNCE2530G S LHCY DNCE2510GU S LHCW CM8066201935807S R2LM FH8065503554000S R3H4 FH8065301615104S R1UU CM8066201934909S R2LK FJ8067702739633S R340 CM8068403360212 SR3XB

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8542.31.00 52 No ..CMOS and MOS Microprocessors (MPU), Microcontrollers (MCU) and Digital Signal Processors (DSP)

Electronic integrated circuits: Processors and controllers, whether or not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock and timing circuits, or other circuits
Monolithic integrated circuits Digital.
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