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40017 electronic component of Altech

Conn Power RCP 1 POS Crimp RA Cable Mount 1 Terminal 1 Port

Manufacturer: Altech
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Circuit Breaker Accessories
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Circuit Breaker Accessories
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Circuit Breakers
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Modular APD System Altechs modular Power Distribution (APD) System is a new way to simplify existing wiring methods The modular APD system provides flexible solutions for busing common power to many different electrical components. Components can be easily added or removed using quick disconnects saving valuable time and cost during installation and maintenance. The APD system also provides an organized method of wiring, that would simplify the wiring schematics for troubleshooting, while reducing the use of excessive wires and cables. The APD system allows multiple connections per phase for many applications, such as: Supplying separate voltages to auxiliary circuits and control circuits for relays, contactors, timers, etc. Supplying power to circuit breakers, motor starters, switches, contactors, etc. Two conductors are housed within a rigid plastic insulation housing suitable for voltages up to 600VAC. The conductors have current ratings of 25A, 63A or 80A. The entire system is touch proof (IP20). UL1059 listed E98082 22 Altech Corp. t 908-806-9400 f 908-806-9490 Modular APDSystemAPD BUSBARS End Support (17BS) Specifications: APD Busbars are available APD Busbar with 1 or 2 phases, Max. Temperature 158F (70C) Material Insulation: PVC Power Input Connector (40017) Length: 1.9m (6.23 ft.)/ 1.0m (3.281 ft.) 83 Connections Bar Holder (19FT3V) per Meter per Phase Electrical Rating Part No. Possible No. of Material Length (600VAC) Connections / Phase Phases 25A 1LB158-25A 158 1 Brass 1.9m (6.23 ft.) 25A 2LB158-25A 158 2 Brass 1.9m (6.23 ft.) 25A 1LB83-25A 83 1 Brass 1.0m (3.281 ft.) 25A 2LB83-25A 83 2 Brass 1.0m (3.281 ft.) 63A 1TC158-63A 158 1 Tinned Copper 1.9m (6.23 ft.) 63A 2TC158-63A 158 2 Tinned Copper 1.9m (6.23 ft.) 63A 1TC83-63A 83 1 Tinned Copper 1.0m (3.281 ft.) 63A 2TC83-63A 83 2 Tinned Copper 1.0m (3.281 ft.) 80A 1TC158-80A 158 1 Tinned Copper 1.9m (6.23 ft.) 80A 2TC158-80A 158 2 Tinned Copper 1.9m (6.23 ft.) 80A 1TC83-80A 83 1 Tinned Copper 1.0m (3.281 ft.) 80A 2TC83-80A 83 2 Tinned Copper 1.0m (3.281 ft.) 30 mm Technical Note: The standard busbar lengths can be cut to any desirable length. When cutting the busbars remember to cut the conductor 62mm shorter than the insulation to ensure space for the insulation cap (Part No. 17BI0) at each end. This guarantees adequate and required creepage distance (see picture below). If an end support (Part No. 17BS) is used then no insulation cap is needed. 31 mm 31 mm insulation cap insulation cap Altech Corp. t 908-806-9400 f 908-806-9490 23 4.6 mm 4.6 mm 13 mm Modular APDSystem

Tariff Desc

8547.90.00 TC 9904140 SPACERS, INSULATED, having a maximum outside diameter of 8 mm

3926.90.90 Other articles of plastics and articles of other materials ---Other

7415 Nails, tacks, drawing pins, staples (other than those of 8305) and similar articles, of copper or of iron or steel with heads of copper; screws, bolts, nuts, screw hooks, rivets, cotters, cotter-pins, washers (including spring washers) and similar articles, of copper:
7415.3 -Other threaded articles:
7415.33.00 --Screws; bolts and nuts
7415.39.00 --Other
Altech Corporation