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iButton Accessories iButton Capsule
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Analog Devices

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Analog Devices
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iButtons & Accessories
Ibutton Capsules
For Use With
Ds1921, Ds1922 Series
Mechanical Enclosure To Protect Temperature Logger Ibuttions
Analog Devices
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Ibuttons Accessories
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Memory Data Storage
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19-4880 Rev 11/09 DS9107 iButton Capsule DESCRIPTION TECHNICAL DRAWING The iButton Capsule is a mechanical enclosure to protect Temperature Logger iButtons (DS1921 and DS1922 series) from moisture, solvents and Screws pressure. It provides IP68 protection to the iButton inside (refer to Application Note 4126: Understanding the IP (Ingress Protection) Ratings of iButton Data 25.4 Loggers and Capsule). The protection level exceeds the Water Resistant 3 ATM requirements. Top The DS9107 consists of a base with the cavity for a F5 iButton, a screw-in plug with O-ring to seal the 2.54 5.1 enclosure, and a top with two stainless-steel screws to mount the iButton Capsule to a cable, e.g., to 3.3 Protrusion measure temperature at different levels within a liquid. The cable is inserted into the notch of the plug Notch 25.4 where it is held in place by the matching protrusion of the top piece. Plug 6.35 Base, plug, and top are made of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). This material is chosen for its mechanical properties (remains stable during both 12.7 long and short-term exposure to high temperatures), O-Ring inherent flame resistance, and outstanding chemical resistance (inert to steam, strong bases, fuels and acids). Although PPS is virtually insoluble below 200C, it can be attacked by chlorinated 25.4 hydrocarbons. The silicone O-ring matches the temperature and chemical qualities of the PPS. In addition, it is resistant to sunlight, ozone, oxygen, Base and UV light. The chemical stability of the screws 16.5 does not compromise that of the PPS and the silicone. Cavity for 6.35 F5-size APPLICATIONS iButton Autoclave Sterilization 22.2 Seawater temperature profiling Monitoring of beverage production All dimensions are in millimeters. Scientific research ORDERING INFORMATION PART DESCRIPTION DS9107+ iButton Capsule +Denotes a lead(Pb)-free/RoHS-compliant product. iButton is a registered trademark of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. 1 of 3 DS9107: iButton Capsule ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Temperature Range -40C to +140C Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated in the operational sections of the specifications is not implied. Exposure to the absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device. SPECIFICATIONS PARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITS Weight Empty 18.4 grams Physical Dimensions See technical drawing mm Torque for Tightening the Plug (Note 1) 36.5 Nm Number of Open/Close Cycles Maximum torque applied 500 From 25C 101.3kPa (14.7psia) to Number of Autoclave Cycles 121C 205kPa (29.7psia), tightened 100 to maximum torque (Note 2) Thermal Response Time (Note 3) 150 s Constant Note 1: Equivalent to 2.5ft/lbs. Note 2: Absolute pressure is specified the autoclave peak pressure is 103.4 kPa (15 psig) above the standard atmospheric pressure. Note 3: The value was derived from submerging an iButton capsule with DS1922T inside into 55C water. The initial temperature of iButton and capsule was 23.5C. Without capsule, the response time constant is approximately 30s. Do not drop an unprotected iButton into water or any other liquid. Top, Plug, Base Material: Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS Ryton) with black flat finish, electrically non-conductive. The injection molding compounds (Ryton PPS) used in the DS9107 are subject to the general safety provisions of the U.S. Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. It is the responsibility of the purchaser/user of the DS9107 iButton Capsule to determine the safety and suitability of the injection molding compounds for their specific application. O-Ring Material: S500-70 Silicone Compound, orange, FDA approved. Replacement O-Rings: Size AS568-019, inner diameter 13/16 inch, outer diameter 15/16 inch, cross section 1/16 inch, nominal values. Screws Material: Type 303 austenitic stainless-steel. Replacement Screws: flat-head Phillips countersunk, self-tapping, M2.3, 9mm long. APPLICATIONS INFORMATION The iButton is inserted into the base part with the data contact towards the bottom of the base. The plug is then placed into the base and initially tightened by hand. Then the base is held with a wrench, and using a metal stick inserted horizontally into the notch of the plug, the plug is tightened until its head touches the top of the base. It is important not to exceed the maximum permissible torque. The iButton Capsule does not provide electrical contact to the iButton inside. Therefore it is necessary to setup (mission) the temperature logger first before inserting it into the iButton Capsule. To download the logged temperature data, the logger needs to be taken out of the iButton Capsule. Ryton is a registered trademark of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP. 2 of 3

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