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Audio Amplifiers Bipolar/JFET Audio Dual 1mV 2nA

Manufacturer: Analog Devices
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Analog Devices

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Analog Devices
Product Category
Audio Amplifiers
Audio Amplifiers
Mounting Style
Through Hole
2 - Channel Stereo
Package / Case
PDIP - 8
THD plus Noise
0.0006 %
Supply Voltage - Max
22 V
Supply Voltage - Min
4.5 V
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 85 C
General Purpose Amplifier
3.43 mm
Input Type
9.27 mm
Supply Type
7.24 mm
Analog Devices
Number Of Channels
2 Channel
Supply Current - Max
5.5 mA A t +/- 22 v A t - 40 c to 85 c
Cmrr - Common Mode Rejection Ratio
80 Db
Dual Supply Voltage
+/- 5 v , +/- 9 v , +/- 12 v , +/- 15 v , +/- 18 v
Gbp - Gain Bandwidth Product
9 Mhz
Hts Code
Ib - Input Bias Current
400 nA
Maximum Dual Supply Voltage
+/- 22 V
Minimum Dual Supply Voltage
+/- 4.5 V
Operating Supply Current
4 mA
Operating Supply Voltage
4.5 V To 22 V
Product Type
Audio Amplifiers
Psrr - Power Supply Rejection Ratio
111 dB
Factory Pack Quantity :
Audio Ics
Vos - Input Offset Voltage
1 mV
Brand Category
Analog Devices
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Dual Bipolar/JFET, Audio Operational Amplifier OP275 FEATURES PIN CONNECTIONS Excellent Sonic Characteristics 8-Lead Narrow-Body SOIC 8-Lead PDIP Low Noise: 6 nV/ Hz (S Suffix) (P Suffix) Low Distortion: 0.0006% High Slew Rate: 22 V/s OUT A 1 8 V+ OUT A 1 OP275 8 V+ Wide Bandwidth: 9 MHz IN A 2 7 OUT B OP275 IN A 2 7 OUT B Low Supply Current: 5 mA +IN A 3 6 IN B Low Offset Voltage: 1 mV +IN A 3 6 IN B V 4 5 +IN B Low Offset Current: 2 nA V 4 5 +IN B Unity Gain Stable SOIC-8 Package PDIP-8 Package APPLICATIONS High Performance Audio Active Filters Fast Amplifiers Integrators GENERAL DESCRIPTION Improved dc performance is also provided with bias and offset The OP275 is the first amplifier to feature the Butler Amplifier currents greatly reduced over purely bipolar designs. Input offset front end. This new front end design combines both bipolar voltage is guaranteed at 1 mV and is typically less than 200 V. and JFET transistors to attain amplifiers with the accuracy and This allows the OP275 to be used in many dc-coupled or sum- low noise performance of bipolar transistors, and the speed and ming applications without the need for special selections or the sound quality of JFETs. Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise added noise of additional offset adjustment circuitry. equals that of previous audio amplifiers, but at much lower The output is capable of driving 600 loads to 10 V rms while supply currents. maintaining low distortion. THD + Noise at 3 V rms is a low A very low l/f corner of below 6 Hz maintains a afl t noise density 0.0006%. response. Whether noise is measured at either 30 Hz or 1 kHz, The OP275 is specified over the extended industrial (40C to it is only 6 nV Hz. The JFET portion of the input stage gives +85C) temperature range. OP275s are available in both plas- the OP275 its high slew rates to keep distortion low, even when tic DIP and SOIC-8 packages. SOIC-8 packages are available large output swings are required, and the 22 V/s slew rate of the in 2500-piece reels. Many audio amplifiers are not offered OP275 is the fastest of any standard audio amplifier. Best of all, in SOIC-8 surface-mount packages for a variety of reasons this low noise and high speed are accomplished using less than however, the OP275 was designed so that it would offer full 5 mA of supply current, lower than any standard audio ampliefi r. performance in surface-mount packaging. REV. C Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed by Analog Devices for its use, nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties One Technology Way, P.O. Box 9106, Norwood, MA 02062-9106, U.S.A. that may result from its use. No license is granted by implication or oth- Tel: 781/329-4700 erwise under any patent or patent rights of Analog Devices. Trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Fax: 781/326-8703 2004 Analog Devices, Inc. All rights reserved.OP275 OP275SPECIFICATIONS ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS ( V = 15.0 V, T = 25C, unless otherwise noted.) S A Parameter Symbol Conditions Min Typ Max Unit AUDIO PERFORMANCE THD + Noise V = 3 V rms, IN R = 2 k, f = 1 kHz 0.006 % L Voltage Noise Density e f = 30 Hz 7 nV Hz n f = 1 kHz 6 nV Hz Current Noise Density i f = 1 kHz 1.5 pA Hz n Headroom THD + Noise 0.01%, R = 2 k, V = 18 V >12.9 dBu L S INPUT CHARACTERISTICS Offset Voltage V 1 mV OS 40C T +85C 1.25 mV A Input Bias Current I V = 0 V 100 350 nA B CM V = 0 V, 40C T +85C 100 400 nA CM A Input Offset Current I V = 0 V 2 50 nA OS CM V = 0 V, 40C T +85C 2 100 nA CM A Input Voltage Range V 10.5 +10.5 V CM Common-Mode Rejection Ratio CMRR V = 10.5 V, CM 40C T +85C 80 106 dB A Large Signal Voltage Gain A R = 2 k 250 V/mV VO L R = 2 k, 40C T +85C 175 V/mV L A R = 600 200 V/mV L Offset Voltage Drift V /T 2 V/C OS OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS Output Voltage Swing V R = 2 k 13.5 13.9 +13.5 V O L R = 2 k, 40C T +85C 13 13.9 +13 V L A R = 600 , V = 18 V +14, 16 V L S POWER SUPPLY Power Supply Rejection Ratio PSRR V = 4.5 V to 18 V 85 111 dB S V = 4.5 V to 18 V, S 40C T +85C 80 dB A Supply Current I V = 4.5 V to 18 V, V = 0 V, SY S O R = , 40C T +85C 4 5 mA L A V = 22 V, V = 0 V, R = , S O L 40C T +85C 5.5 mA A Supply Voltage Range V 4.5 22 V S DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE Slew Rate SR R = 2 k 15 22 V/s L Full-Power Bandwidth BW kHz P Gain Bandwidth Product GBP 9 MHz Phase Margin 62 Degrees m Overshoot Factor V = 100 mV, A = +1, IN V R = 600 , C = 100 pF 10 % L L Specifications subject to change without notice. 2 REV. C REV. C 3

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