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Audio Power OpAmps SOP-8 RoHS

Manufacturer: LOWPOWER
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Audio Amplifiers
Audio Amplifiers
SOP - 8
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Preliminary Datasheet LPA2171 Filterless 6W Class- F Mono Audio Amplifier General Description Features Shutdown current:<5uA The LPA2171 is a 6W, class-F audio amplifier with a 480KHz fixed frequency switching for amplifier mode pin for switch the work mode. It offers low THD+N, 5.6W Output at 10% THD with a 2 Load and 5V allowing it to achieve high-quality Power Supply sound VDD for amplifier 4.4W Output at 1% THD with a 2 Load and 5V reproduction. The new filterless architecture allows the VDD for amplifier device to drive the speaker directly requiring no low-pass 4.0W Output at 10% THD with a 4 Load and 5.5V output filters, thus to save the system cost and PCB area. VDD for amplifier The LPA2171 is available in SOP-8. Filterless, Low Quiescent Current and Low EMI Amplifier Efficiency up to 85% Order Information Free LC filter digital modulation, direct-drive speakers LPA2171 Short Circuit Protection Thermal Shutdown F: Pb-Free Few External Components to Save the Space and Package Type cost SO: SOP-8 Pb-Free Package Marking Information Applications Device Marking Package Shipping Portable Bluetooth Speaker LPA2171SOF LPS SOP-8 3K/REEL Cellular and Smart mobile phone LPA2171 Square Speaker YWX Y: Y is year code. W: W is week code. X: X is series number. Typical Application Circuit VDD 470uF 0.1uF 6 OFF VDD 8 SD OUTP SPEAKER ON 1 D 3 MODE AB 5 OUTN INPUT 4 2 VIN BYP 0.22uF 7 Ci Ri GND LPA217100 May.-2013 Email: marketing Page 1 of 8 Preliminary Datasheet LPA2171 Functional Pin Description Package Type Pin Configurations SD 1 VON 8 2 7 GND BYP SOP-8 VDD MODE 3 6 VIN 4 5 VOP Functional Pin Description Pin PIN No. DESCRIPTION SD 1 Shutdown pin BYP 2 Bypass pin. Connect a 0.22uF capacitor between this pin and GND. MODE 3 Mode control pin. High voltage with Class D mode and low voltage with Class AB mode. IN 4 Input of amplifier. VOP 5 Positive output of signal. VDD 6 Voltage supply pin. GND 7 Power ground. VON 8 Negative output of signal. Absolute Maximum Ratings Supply Input Voltage range------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.3V to 7.1V Input voltage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -0.3V to VDD+0.3V Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 260C Storage Temperature Range -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 65C to 150C Operation Junction Temperature Range ------------------------------------------------------------- 40C to 125C Operation Ambient Temperature Range---------------------------------------------------------------- 40C to 85C Maximum Junction Temperature Range------------------------------------------------------------------------- 150C Maximum Power Dissipation (P ,T <40C) --------------------------------------------------------------- 2.6W D A Thermal resistance (junction to ambient) ---------------------------------------------------------------- 45C/W LPA217100 May.-2013 Email: marketing Page 2 of 8

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