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Single Board Computers BL2120

Manufacturer: Digi International
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Digi International

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Digi International
Product Category
Single Board Computers
Form Factor
Compact Form Factor
Processor Brand
Rabbit Semiconductor
Processor Type
Rabbit 2000
22.1 MHz
Memory Size
128 kb
Memory Type
Flahs, Ram
Interface Type
Operating Supply Voltage
9 V To 36 V
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 70 C
105 Mm X 87 Mm X 24 Mm
Backup Battery
Computer Module
256 Kb
Power Consumption
1.5 W
Digi International
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 40 C
Battery Backup Switching
Backup Battery
Hts Code
Product Type
Single Board Computers
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SINGLE-BOARD COMPUTER DIGI RABBIT SBC BL2100 SERIES A high-performance single-board computer designed for medium-scale industrial control and monitoring applications The BL2100 series is available in four flexible configurations, An optional 7-key 122 x 32 graphic display is available as a which feature 40 digital I/O, 3 RS-232/485 serial ports, and a cost-effective user interface (a panel-mount, water-resistant battery-backup for the real-time clock and SRAM for protected NEMA 4 version is also available). The BL2100 boards come data. In addition, the BL2100 and BL2120 models include 11 standard with screw terminals which, can support 14 AWG channels of 12-bit resolution A/D input and 4 channels of 12- wiring or other options such as IDC or friction lock headers. bit D/A output. The BL2100s 16 digital outputs can sink/source up to 200 mA and are configurable in Dynamic C, an easy-to- use C environment. FEATURES AND BENEFITS APPLICATION EXAMPLE 40 sinking/sourcing digital I/O Up to 512K Flash for program and up to 512K SRAM Ethernet for data 16 digital outputs which can sink/source 200 mA REMOTE FIBER OPTIC OFFICE INTERFACE 11 A/D and 4 D/A with 12-bit resolution Up to 4 serial ports: two 3-wire (or one 5-wire) RS-485 AV AUTOMATION RS-232 and 1 RS-485 Royalty-free TCP/IP stack BL2100 SINGLE-BOARD COMPUTER Inside XSYS Controller Media Player Window IR Shade Control Emitter RELATED PRODUCTS SAT Receiver RS-232 Audio Video Projector Amplifier Switcher Control Dynamic C Keypad Serial Flash Digi Connect Programming WAN CableSPECIFICATIONS BL2110 BL2120 BL2130 FEATURES MICROPROCESSOR Rabbit 2000 at 22.1 MHz ETHERNET PORT 10Base-T, RJ-45, link and activity LEDs None FLASH 256K (standard) 256K 128K (standard) 128K SRAM Socketed 3V lithium coin-type, 265 mA.h, supports RTC and SRAM BACKUP BATTERY KEYPAD/DISPLAY See keypad/display option (below) and ourO products (for serial display options) DIGITAL INPUTS 24: protected to 36 VDC DIGITAL OUTPUTS 16: source/sink 200 mA each, 36VDC max. 11 at 1 M, 12-bit resolution, None 10 VDC, up to 4,100 None ANALOG INPUTS samples/sec. Four 12-bit resolution, 0-10 VDC*, update ANALOG OUTPUTS None None rate 12 kHz 4 total: two 3-wire (or one 5-wire) RS-232, 1 RS-485, and one 5V CMOS-compatible (programming) SERIAL PORTS SERIAL RATE Max. burst rate = CLK/32 Max. sustained rate = burst/2 CONNECTORS Screw terminals support max. 14 AWG/1.5 mm2 (standard) REAL-TIME CLOCK Yes TIMERS Five 8-bit timers (four cascadable from the first) and one 10-bit timer with 2 match registers Yes WATCHDOG TIMER/SUPERVISOR 9-36 VDC, 1.5W max. (without display), 3W max. (with display) POWER -40 C to +70 C OPERATING TEMPERATURE HUMIDITY 5-95%, non-condensing BOARD SIZE 4.14 x 3.41 x 0.93 (105 mm x 87 mm x 24 mm) PRODUCT WARRANTY 1 year SPECIFICATIONS Keypad/Display Option FEATURES 122 32 graphic LCD in two stacked sections (with programmable backlight) Relegendable keypad with 7-key/7-LED interface LCD PANEL LEDS 7 user-programmable: 1 red, 4 green, 2 yellow OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0 C to 50 C BOARD SIZE 3.00 x 2.6 x 0.75 (76 mm x 66 mm x 19 mm) 5.60 x 4.875 x 1.5 (142 mm x 124 mm x 38 mm) ENCLOSURE SIZE PART NUMBERS DESCRIPTION 20-101-0462 BL2110. Ethernet, no Analog 20-101-0463 BL2120. Analog, no Ethernet 20-101-0464 BL2130. No Analog, no Ethernet 20-101-0502 Keypad/Display Option DIGI INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE HQ DIGI INTERNATIONAL SINGAPORE DIGI SERVICE AND SUPPORT / You can purchase with confidence knowing that Digi is always available to serve you with expert technical support and our industry 877-912-3444 / 952-912-3444 / +65-6213-5380 leading warranty. For detailed information visit DIGI INTERNATIONAL GERMANY DIGI INTERNATIONAL CHINA 1996-2019 Digi International Inc. All rights reserved. +49-89-540-428-0 +86-21-50492199 / All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. DIGI INTERNATIONAL JAPAN 91001660 C3/319 +81-3-5428-0261 /

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